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This past weekend after explaining how Delaware effectively established its strong opposition to Common Core, some significant nationals asked me to consolidate it for other states to study. I decided to collect all info I have written on education and put it in this one spot.  Click on any link and it should take you there.  The most recent pieces (closest to today) are first, and as time progresses, they move down page. The walk back through time is interesting. Particularly my first pieces as I uncover the deceit of Common Core  for the first time, may be the spot where others just beginning this journey of discovering the deceit, should begin… For the rest:  if you need something I wrote on education, it is here.

All About Common Core, Charters, and Public Education

Worm Turns… NEA Back Around To Fighting For “Good”

This Is Odd

Governor Markell Defends The Use Of The Old DCAS Which Dave Sokola’s Bill Just Replaced With The Fuddy Smarter Balanced Assessment Returning Us Back To The What Markell Complains Happened Before DCAS

One child’s rigor is another child’s mental breakdown

Why Did The Vote Change?

Breaking! DOE Just Saw The Post Below And Is Now Including Guitar Playing In The Mandatory Curriculum

Wow, Look! You Really Can Force Children To Learn Through Rigor

A Letter For Those Who Still Don’t Get It; Common Core Is A Bore

Unleashed Upon Our Children

An Interesting 63 Minutes

As Always, Beware Of Federal Educational Figures

Learning About the Disabilities in Education Act

Consider The Message

Does Delaware Have A New Secretary of Education Yet?

New Branches In Education Reform Give Hope

Death Comes to Blogging

Teacher Tenure Court Decision Based Off Erroneous Data

Now DC Is Suspending Use Of Test Scores To Fire Teachers

Big Lesson for Delaware’s Bellatrix Lestrange

Does Delaware Even Have A Democracy???

Delaware collectively groans as House Bill 334 passes to allow Smarter Balanced Testing to take over

Critical Email Your Legislators About 334

Don’t Be Fooled By Common Core; It’$ All About The Money

Delaware: Going The Way Of Philadelphia

Teachers And Parents! You Are Off! It’s Time Now To Call (Email)!

Breaking …. Less Than 20% of Students Are Showing Up For Class Today

Stupidest Idea Yet — Greg Lavelle

SB229 Way To Go Nicole!


Oklahoma Miracle: Common Core Officially Repealed

Micro Charters? Let’s Review!

Delaware Teachers Work Harder, Longer, and More Often

Washington Post BASHES Education Reformers and Dumb Ole Delaware Legislators Go Yup Yup Yo, Yup Yup Yo, We Notice Nothing, Yup, Yup Yo

What Happened On Tennessee’s Test And What Will Happen In Delaware

The Horrible Debacle That Common Core Has Wrought Tennessee

Confessions of an Assessment Field-Tester

Education Reformers Proven Wrong Again

Joseph Stalin Makes A Ghostly Appearance At The Christina Emergency School Board Meeting

We Told You So; Student Data Is Not Protected

Christina Brew Ha Ha Takes Time Out For Coffee

Private Schools Fail When Held Up To A Public School’s Standard

Education: The New Line For Patriotism…

Time For Passivity Is Over. Demand How Any Educational Organization Can Support Common Core

Calling On Christina To Ban The Delaware PTA From Soliciting On School Property

All Parents!!! Demand Your Money Back From The PTA

Tennessee Teacher Has 12 Students On The Cut Line, All With Same Numerical Score. 5 Pass, 7 Don’t; No One Can Tell Them Why!

Distraction #1 Killed; Que Up # 2…

Charter Schools Kill 2 Children in Philadelphia

Smarter Balanced Assessment Feedback

Who Says Value Added Method Is Working?

The real effects of HB165 and SB51. Cartoon by the awesome @RobTornoe


Complicated Rebuttal to DelExcel’s Blog Post and John’s Comment There

How Can You Educate The Child Of A Single Mother Who’s Just Had His Brother Blown Away?

New Study; A Teacher Who Is Fired May Generate More Social Value Than One Who Is Retained!

(Elections Are Done So Onward): Oh No! There Is Bias, Bias In Classroom Observations

School Board Election Results May 13 2013

But Why Do I HAVE To Vote In Today (Tuesday May 13th’s) School Board Elections?

Two Trailer Park Girls, Going Round The Outside, Going Round The Outside….

29% of States Dropped Out of Smarter Balanced Assessments Because It’s That Bad

Senator LaValle Renews Push For “Truth In Testing” Legislation

Delaware Needs An Independent Panel To Hold Hearings With The Public and Investigate Common Core!

’’Duncun’s Flip Makes Markell Into A Liar; Morphs John Young Into A Prophet

“According To Professor Of Theory Of Knowledge Leon Trotsky, Privacy Is The Most Fundamental Report Of Humankind. Radiation On Advocates To An Orator Transmits Gamma Rays Of Parsimony To Implode.

This Is Stalinism, This Is Leninism, This is Castroism, This is Markellism, This is Loweryism, What The Hell Is Happening To Our Educational Departments Across The USA? They Have All Gone Mad! Beserk!

Independent Audit Discovers $100 Million In Charter School Fraud

Charlie Copeland’s Academy of Public Safety and Security Is Not So Safe And Secure

Forcing Common Core Upon First Graders

How To Hide Student’s Data In Plain Sight

How To Tell When A Reformer Is Lying……

Ha, Ha, Ha, A Good One, Diane……

And Then There Were Three……

What Kind Of Attorney General Would Block Legislation To Have All School Boards Recorded For Freedom Of Information?

“As You Grow Up In This World, You Realize People Really Don’t Give A Fu<k About What You Feel Or What You Think.” — David Coleman Prime Architect of Common Core Standards

Graduation Rates Soar, No Thanks To Common Core

He Da’ Ho

Oddly Parallel?

Great Comment Rescue : Markell Busted

When To Make An Upgrade

Are Standardized Tests Truly The Best Way To Measure Perfomance

Breaking: Local Smarter Balanced Assessments Plagued With Computer Breakdowns

Yeah, What We’ve Been Saying….

inBloom Pulls It’s Own Plug

Come Into My Lair, Said the Rapist To It’s Prey

What Did Tennessee, Boys? What Did Tennessee?

How Much Did Race To The Top (RTTT) Spend?

Waking Up To The Charter School Threat

Every Day This Week The Date Is The Same Forwards As Backwards

Ernie Diana$ta$i$

Even STEM Wants To Distance Itself From Common Core

Need Help With This Smarter Balanced Question!

Common Core Versus Obamacare

If April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, Why Are We Now Taking The Smart Balanced Assessments?

What? The SBA Test Is Being Administered Now? In the Middle Of DCAS?

Litmus Test for Education

New Gallup Study Supports kavipsian Direction On Education

Arne Duncun Came and Went, Only Thing Changed: The Truth Got Bent

Cost of Putting in A Single Charter in Wilmington

Sweeney Trips Over Gigantic Bag Of White Powder

That Answer Markell Is Looking For

Proper Rebuttal To Michelle Rhee

It’s Not What You Know; It Is WHO You Know

How To Handle Charter Schools

Smart Balanced Field Testing Approaches The New Equivalent of Blowing Smoke

THAT Man Who Said All These, Is Coming To Delaware

Charter Schools Get Put Into Their Corner

Everyone Is Talking About This Statement Because…… It’s Just So Dumb…..

Official: Tennessee Will Postpone Common Core 2 years and PARCC For 3; So Why Not Here?

Wanted To Take Advantage Of A Slow Day And Talk About Education

Common Core: Even Hollywood Predicted America’s Greatest Disaster

The Whole Purpose of Common Core Was To Mine Your Child’s Data

Breaking: Delaware Superintendents Request One Year Delay

First Black President Skewers Afro-Americans In Public Schools

Oklahoma Senate Committee Votes To Leave Common Core

Indiana Just Jumped Ship; Bails Out On Common Core

And Now, Billions Are Being Pumped Into Public Education

Common Core is One Messed Up Piece Of Work

Principal Outlaws Teaching Of Holocaust Because of Common Core

Introducing Charter School Financing; A New Formula

Be It Hereby Resolved That Charters Are No Longer Supported By Per-Pupil Funding

Estimated Costs of Implementation of Charter School Inclusive Funding

Cleaned Up Code….

A Few Thoughts On Red Clay Inclusion

Delaware Governor States That 95% of Teachers Are Solidly Behind Common Core

Breaking News: Most Teachers Individually Have More Experience Than The Entire Department of Delaware’s Department of Education Combined.

The Way Back

Tennessee Puts a Hold On Both Common Core And PAARC Testing

Black and Latino Students Are Substantially More Segregated Today Than They Were A Generation Ago.

How Low Will You Go?

There Needs To Be A Class….

Facts About Opting Out of Common Core Testing

Common Core: Why Money Trumps Evidence

Tennessee Educational Association (Their DSEA) Files Lawsuit Against Value Added Assessment

How Indiana Is Dismantling Common Core; How Delaware Should Begin To Follow

Is Dumbing Down The SAT To Bail Out A Floundering Common Core Really In America’s Best Interest?

If You Found A Wallet With Money In it, Would You Keep It?

Guess Who Will Be Grading Your Child’s SBA Test?

Should Parents Have Any Control Over Their Child’s Education.

Delaware’s VoTechs ROCK; New DOE Dropout Report Finds

Delaware’s Charter Schools FAIL; New DOE Dropout Report Finds

R U Gonna TELL; Or M I Gonna TELL

Quiet, Quiet, Hush It Down, Please! John Sweeney is Stirring, About To Soon Wheeze….

School Choice Is Not About Parents Choosing Good Schools; It’s About Schools Choosing Good Students.

Privatization Is Inherently Unequal

“In Tennessee They Love The Guv’nor…..” Not!

Merit Pay Is Sham To Destroy The Teaching Profession

Ha! This Should Finally Bring Delaware Liberal Into The Fold….

The Lie That Our Schools Are Failing

If Common Core And Its Tests Are Inseperable, Common Core Has Got To Go

Cost of New Charters…

If Passing This Meant You Could Graduate, Would You Graduate?

Darryl Scott (R-Trash) Hates Teachers and Kids….

Florida’s Proposed Common Core Revisions

What The Bottom Half Can Teach Us


Does This REALLY Qualify as Child Abuse? C’mon!

New York Times Reports Common Core Is In Trouble

What Is Good Education and How Can We Pay For It?

The Great Big Hidden Lie Behind Charter Schools…

Markellian Myths About Common Core


What Would Happen If Every Teacher Quit?

Answer Me This….

Common Core Is Full Of Shoddy Workmanship

Selling Dogma For Common Core

Rebutting The Delaware Chamber Of Congress

Brandywine’s Superintendent To Be The Next Mark Murphy

22/24 Maryland Superintendents Take Christina School Board’s Side, and Not Jack Markell’s or Mark Murphy’s

Send Your Child’s Homework To Your State Representative and Senator

Delaware Charter Schools Falling Apart Before Our Eyes

Discovered Discrepencies In Early Childhood Educational Programs

Like Christina, The State of Georgia Forfeits RTTT Money Over Idiocy of Merit Pay

That Oft Repeated ‘College and Career Ready’ Lie

Our Own Christina School District Headlines “Education Week”

kavips’ Periodic Chart of Poverty

Poverty Is Killing Education

Teaching Is An Art, Not A Science…

New Study Undercuts Primary Principle Out From Underneath Common Core

Moody’s Declares Charter Schools Are The Death of Urban Districts

Charter Schools: They Stab It With Their Steely Knives, But They Just Can’t Kill The Beast

Brinkmanship and School Closings

Markell Wants Rock Stars For Teachers

Why “College And Career Ready” Is Bunk

Markell and Murphy Reward The Rich; Take Away From The Poor

Good News For Us; Bad News For JYAKWRAL

Delaware Follows Lowery; Drops Common Core Moniker For JYAKWRAL

Attention Pastors Everywhere: Common Core Is Evil

Reminder: Charter Schools Ruin High Poverty Districts

Learning From The Test As Opposed to Teaching To The Test.

The Folly Of Passing Any Common Core Legislation This Session

And Another Problem With Common Core

Delaware Not The Only State With Extra RTTT Money To Spend

A Most Ridiculous Attempt At Journalism

If Common Core Is So Great, Why are 22/45 State Legislatures and State School Boards Overriding Their Governors?

Common Core: It Was Always About The Money….

2014 New Year; New Direction

Damning Video Against Common Core

Merry Christmas Teachers!!

Huge Disconnect, Make That A… Gigantic Disconnect!!

We Ask Mark Murphy Chief For Change How If Common Core Fails 2/3 Of Students As In New York, And We Don’t Test Till 2015, What Happens To All Those Students Who Got Taught Common Crap In The Interim: His Answer:

A Responsible News Station In A Responsible State: On Pulling Kids Out of School To Teach Math At Home

Points On Which I Agree With Frederika Jenner

Teaching Children By Common Core Methods…

Your Kid’s Education For Hire

Yeah! What She Said!

Hawaii Praised As A Common Core Success

WE (Delaware Students) Need School Districts To Hold The Line On Class Size

The Suck-A$$ Line That Frederika Jenner Swallowed

Fallacy Behind The Whole Push For Common Core….

Why You Can’t Believe Any Poll In Support Of Common Core!

Delaware’s Kicks Student’s Of Low-Income, Further Down A Rung

First Delaware; Now Indiana: Charter Schools Scores Lag Far Behind Public School’s Scores

Imagine Delaware?

And At The News Journal, The Wheel Gets Turned….

Errors in Algebra Textbooks Cause Teachers To Get The Blame

Common Core: Points Of Controversy

What We’ve Been Saying All Along

If Common Core Was Around In the 20th Century, None Of This Could Ever Happen

Common Core Is Bad; What’s Good? Education In Japan

Common Core Movie: Building the Machine (trailer)

It’s Impossible To Believe Arne Duncun Any More

The New PISA Scores Are Out And Very Troubling For Common Core

Putting Education In Perspective

In One Sentence, Kilroy Sums Up What Is Wrong With Education

The Flaw Embedded In The Standardized Testing Algorithm

The Ying and Yang of Common Core (Haiku)

If Music Develops A Child’s Brain, and Common Core Dismisses Music Entirely, How Does Common Core Make Children Smarter

UpComing War Against Teachers

Breaking: Massachusetts Just Cut Loose From Common Core…

DE Sec of Ed Murphy Flops At NCC Combined School Boards Meeting

Common Core “IS” Unconstitutional

Proponents of Common Core, Now Scrubbing Data

Facts IN: Common Core Does Not Seem To Be Working

What On Earth Is An “Expectation Gap”

Common Core Tidbits: New Things To Ponder….?

Common Core Broken Down…

kavips Plan To Eliminate Achievement Gap

The American Bible Against Common Core….

How Documentation For Common Core Stacks Up

kavips speaks: Now Cue McKinsey & Co. . 5,4,3,2,1…..

Red Clay Stands Up…

Join Us To Remove Arne Duncun As Secretary of Education

Attention Parents….. of School Aged Children….

One Image Says It All

Crunching The Data

Charter School FAIL

New York Moms Make Delaware’s Look Like A Bunch Of Pussies

Like Christopher Wheeler, Common Core May Look Allright On The Outside

Copy, Paste, and Email

News Journal Supports The Firing Of Teachers Who Have Been Rated As Effective While Turning A Blind Eye To The Scores THIS DOE Has Wrought Which Were Rated Ineffective

How Delaware Charter Schools Wean Out Blacks And The Poor

Someone Help Me Out…

Education Versus Poverty

So Who Says Our Education Is So Bad?

Delaware And The Nation’s Report Card

Who Puts All Their Eggs In One Basket?

Teach … Your Children Well….. Then You Can Tell…..

Boycott ExxonMobil, Chevron gas, Hostess cakes, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo and FedEx,

Common Core Just Gets More Insane As We Go Forward…

How Many Tests Do We Need?

Is Rand Paul Talking About “Dueling” As In Dueling Banjos? He’s From Kentucky, You Know?

The Four Pillars Of Common Core

What You Must Know About Common Core

Mark Your Calendars…. November 4t

What Common Core Does Is Reward Those Who Can Pick The Right Box On A Test; What The Future Requires And What We Should Be Teaching, Is How To Think Out Of The Box. Not Lock Ourselves in The Box

Diagnosis: Schizophrenia At Delaware’s Department of Education

New Venue’s Of Funding Are How Delaware Can Close The Achievement Gap

Fixing Component 5

Common Core = Dumbing Down Of American Education

Despite Government’s Blah, Blah, Blah, Teachers Are Not Following Through With Common Core

Value Added Teacher’s Assessments Are Not Working….

Paraphrased From A Kansas’s Judgment Against Reformers

How A Union Is Supposed To Act…..

Time To Pull And Re-Do SB 51

Why Is It Always The “Teacher’s Fault”

Where Is Fredericka Jenner?

Did Standard Test Scores Just Get Debunked As An Effective Teachers Evaluative Tool Right Before Our Eyes?

How To Answer the Charter School’s Argument of Choice…..

Too Much Information….

DSEA Teachers? Does This Sound Like You?

Lack Of Educational Privacy, Damages Your Kid For Life

Common Core Standards Are??? State Led?

Why Does Everything In Common Core Sound Like It Came From A Communist Chinese Propaganda Machine?

Applying Business Practices To Education: The Right Way

Well Read, Informed, and Cutting Edge School District Decides To Remove Itself From RTTT Restrictions.

Important Message For Delaware’s HB 90 Panel: Kim and Nicole? You Listening?

Common Core Dumbs Down; STEM Raises Children Up

Opt Out… The Movement is Growing…

Is The Right Wing Really That Looney To Think Student’s Data Is Being Collected Into A Giant Data Bank?

Dissecting Markell’s Education Speech At Education Nation

We Do Know Now What Doesn’t Work In School Reform

How Can This Common Core Curriculum Be Good For Our Kids?

Using The Constitution To “Civilly Disobediently” OPT Out Of Common Core

Example of Common Core In Action

Common Core Is Crumbling At The Top…..

What Exactly Is “School Reform?”

Who Benefits When Charter Schools Are Formed?

Brief Reminder Why Charter Schools Are All Breaking Bad

On Common Core: Opt Out

84% of School Supertendents Tell Gallup That Value Added Model’s of Student Achievement Are Not Very Effective

Why YOU Can Not Trust American Media To Give You Any Truth….

CEO’s Scramble To Save Arne Duncun’s Ass

Attention General Assembly: We Can Do This

Core Meltdown In CCSS (Common Core State Standards)

Hubba, Hubba, Hubba….

30 Seconds Over Tokyo

If A Child Struggles To Clear The High Bar At Five Feet, She Will Not Become A “World Class” Jumper Because Someone Raised The Bar To Six Feet And Yelled “Jump Higher,” Or If Her “ Poor ” Performance Is Used To Punish Her Coach!.

New Educational Ruling Could Spark Big Changes In Testing

Big, Giant, Educational, Turning Point Opportunity Meeting This Thursday!

Common Core: Someone Poisoned The Waterhole

Smoking Gun! Common Core Dumbs Kid’s Minds

I Pledge Allegiance, To The Best Education Possible

Misallocation of Facts

The Art Of Making Our Education Look Worse Than It Really Is

Learning About the Quality of Education Through Violent Rape

All Parents Tune In Tonight To Mark Murphy Speaks….

Task Force HB 90

Heartbreak Friday

Ahem… 26% Is Not An Overwhelming Majority

So, You Support Common Core? Then Tell Me What THIS Means…

Firing Jack Markell and Mark Murphy For Last Years Drop In Test Scores

Making Sure This Does NOT Get Missed!

It Will Be Up To The Parents To Fight For Their Children

Indiana’s Educational Accountability System Destroy’s Credibility Of All Educational Accountability Systems Report Says

Expect HUGE, HUGE Drop In Test Scores Next Year

When It Comes To Education, News Journal Totally Fails The Delaware Public

If We’re Finally Telling The Truth About Climate Change; Why Aren’t We Accurately Reporting The Failures Of Common Core And RTTT?

Funding Necessary Services

Highlights or Talking Points

Just For Fun

Too Much Testing….

Mark Murphy Signals A Turn Away From Common Core

Virtual Learning Is….. Not Real

Your DOE… What No One Else Will Tell You….

PA Charter Magnate Indicted By Feds

Charter School Law May Be Declared Unconstitutional

It Is One Thing To Fire A Teacher Over A Standardized Test. It Is A Completely Different Thing To Make Her Never Teach Again!

Charter’s Are A Sham I Tell You!

Propaganda 101

Republicans and Charlie Copeland Responsible for Demise of Delaware’s Education

What? Poverty Impacts Educations? Who’d Of Ever Thunk!

A Significant Negative Percentage

Was Delaware’s DSEA Head… “Bought Off”?

Sweeney The Apologist

Markell & Murphy Are Wrong; John Young Is Right 🙂 Test Scores Are Meaningless!

Cooking The Books; Arguments To Watch Out For

How To Cheat On Standardized Tests

The Top Of Mr. Sweeney’s Head Sinks Slowly Disappearing Over The Horizon

Common Core? WTF? NYC Scores show 74% Failed English; 70% Failed Math

Trickling In Of Common Core Scores….

Spew To Spew Inside The Big Apple Because Of Common Education’s Rotten Core

The Achievement Gap Ignored By RTTT and Common Core Testing

Educational Charts You Need To See

Will Florida Torpedeo Common Core And Cause the Necessary Implosion?

But There Is A Catch….

Common Core: Is It Really Living Up To It’s Hype?

Kilroy Hits Cow Dung Out Of Park

Smart Balance Comes Under Critical Review

Anomaly in Delaware’s Test Scores

Poverty’s Influence on Delaware’s Education And Those Schools and Districts That Overcome It

Goals… How Far We’ve Come… How Far We’ve Got To Go

The Entire Educational Profession’s Open Letter to Mark Murphy and Governor Jack Markell

The Real Question Is Not Whether You Know This; The Real Question Is “Why” You Don’t Know This!

Quirks Of Using Test Scores To Evaluate Teachers

Is National Corporate Eductional Reform Petering Out?

Let’s Talk About Getting Rich Off Charter Schools…

TELL SURVEY: Results Successful?

Common Core: The Problems

Common Core: The Ideals

Why We NEED Local Control Over Our Local Schools

Oh, Geez! How Hard Can Common Core Possibly Be?

OH GREAT! Now We’re Back To The Sliding Grade Controversy….

Townsend’s 147 and 148 Pass House

Time To Unplug “Teach For America”

That NCTQ Report

Oh Brave New World That Has Such People In It…

Some Serious Concerns About New Charter Schools Entering Delaware (HB 165)

Educational Bond Bill Snippets….

Metaphorical Questions?

Arguing in the Water Closet….

HB 165 Charter Schools Appropriation Bill Back on The Docket This Tuesday!

Who Is Selliing Out The DSEA?

From Nothing To Now….


Shaken, Nor Stirred

Greasing The Wheels For The Private Takeover of Public Schools

Time to Call… This Is It

Call Your Senator Today

Bill Watch: HB 165

Breaking HB 165 Passes Senate Committee, Just Barely

Free Building-Funds For Charters: The Other Side Of The Story

Overwhelming Evidence Compounds Daily; Charters Don’t Improve Education, Killing Poverty Does

FOIA To Mark Murphy/ Delaware Department Of Education

Problems With The Methodology Behind SB 51, Which Is Passed Already

Build a Charter: Get A Green Card

It’s About Investment; Not Children

How To Invest In A Charter School

Letter To The Editor

Why HB 165 Is The Exact Same As Welfare

Discretionary/ Competitive Grants SB 27

Top Schools In The USA

The Fix Is IN

I Have A Dream….

And Then There Were Nine….

What We Learned

Backlash… Comment Rescue from Del Liberal on HB 165

How To Vote On Amendments HB 165


Would I Lie To You.., ?

Why Would The Head Officer, The President Of The Delaware Chief School Officers Be Against A Bill That Was Supposed To Be So Great For Education?

Addendum: What Else HB 165′s Fiscal Note Exposes

Smoking Gun: Fiscal Note Attached to HB 165

Public Schools Rule; Charter Schools Drool…

Ha, Ha! Get A Load Of “OUR” Talking Points, Suckers!

Why, If You’ve Never Done It Before, You Need To Contact Your State Legislators Now

They Broke The Law!!!!!

Rodel: Going Upstream Fast In the Eddy

HB 165 Is Not Needed At All: Look At Pike Creek Charter’s Application

So What Happens If HB165 Doesn’t Make It?

This Jacques Not At Home Under Water…

HB 165: Rush, Rush, Rush. 21 Days! 21Days

Fixing HB 165 and Delaware’s Charter Schools (Riding Dirty)

For The Record…

Pros And Cons of Standardized Testing

Charter School Data In Excel

Teach For America

Colonial Passes Referendum; Wrong People’s Taxes Now Go Up

Charter School Track Record

Questions That Need Asked At Wednesday’s Hearing ON HB 165

Take $2.3 Million From Christina And Give It To Charter Schools

Talking Turkey….

Comment Rescue: How Charter’s Corrupt The Process

Amendments to HB 165

25% Of Teachers Quit!

If You Shoot Pool With Some Employee Here….

How We Got Into This Mess

Steve Newton Rescue.

Final Testing Scores Are Not Real; They Are Made Up, Seriously.

Dishonest Use Of Labels By So Called Educational Reformers

S.B.51 Will Be An Unmitigated Disaster!!!

Slamming The News Journal, Again

Time To Pivot

Important Message For The JFC

Calling Out A Lie….

Delaware’s DOE Saves Point Three Million

Nashville Charters Expulse Bad Students Just Before Testing

Why Delaware’s Scores Will Go Down

Common Core Math Standards Bogus

Want To Improve Math? Reprint Textbooks From The Thirties

Are You Smarter Than A Fourth Grader?

What? We’ve Been Schmoozled? DC Didn’t Happen?

The Lie Behind Educational Reform

So… We Are Rating the University of Delaware By Common Core

Inside The SB51 Delibrations……

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three

Exposing Common Core To The Public

They’re Trying To Trick You.

RTTT And The Board Of Education

It’s Over… SB51 Squeaks By 37-2 (2 Abstentions)

Potter’s Amendment Defeated. 33-7

Potter’s Field and SB51.

Alas, Delaware’s Parents Just Got Screwed

Paul Baumbach Comes Through For Delaware Parents

Is SB51 The Kinder Morgan Of Education?

SB51 The Bad Dream

Afternoon Reminder: Go Vote In School Elections!

Cherry Picking Is Great If You Love Cherries

Driving In The Wedge

News Journal Tooting Tootle’s Tooties?

Sermon On The Mount

98% Of Us Were Geniuses Once…..When We Were 5 Years Old

Why We Should All Be Against Raising Teacher’s Standards

Rebuttal To News Journal Piece Promoting Charters

Student Loans: Next Financial Crash?

Uncle Tom Talks To News Journal

How Our Government Is Failing Our Students

Pandora Versus School Board

Testing Children Till They Cry!

We Got Copies Of The Test!!!!

For My Friends At Delaware Liberal: To Bring Them Up To Speed On the Educational Crises

SB 51 The Cuts and Stitches…..

Shattered From the Core, Common Core That Is…..

China’s Role In Fostering America’s Educational Crises

Has The News Journal Awakened Yet?

The Giant Hole In Rodel’s “New” Plan

Juxtapositions Create Angst In Delaware’s Department of Education

Children! Sit Down! Time For Today’s Quiz!

What Happens When A Silly Test Is More Important Than Your Child!

New Reforms Deliver Few Benefits And In Some Cases Harm The Students

Tear It Down From The Top

Erase To The Top

Last DOE Conference

Sweeney Smokes Crack A Second Time In Blindly Following Corporate Education’s Assessments

On Charter Schools: I Agree With These Guys

Is Our Entire Educational System Being Based Off Cheating?

Brew Ha Ha At Christina School District…..

Where the (Jea) Streets Have No Name

Delaware’s “Broad” View of Education….

Teaching To The Test

Hmmm. The Fix For Delaware’s Education.

“Hi, I’m jea street, And I Approve This Message”

Why Grading Schools To Test Scores Is Bogus

Who’s Done Vouchers? Wisconsin Has Done Vouchers!

What The News Journal Gets Wrong When It Deals With Education In Delaware

Everybody’s Shufflin’…..

More On Philly School Closings….

Refusal To Surrender and the Non-Abdication of Responsibility

Mr. Principal’s Amorphous Catch-22

How Charters Close Public Schools

DCAS is rotten to the (Common) Core

“The Promise Of ‘Common Core’ Is Dying”

Delaware TELL Survey Closed!

Delaware’s Education: Because It Is Important

There Is A Good Reason Our Children Are Failing In Schools.

Why We Were Led Astray On Education

Teacher Evaluation Quirks

Teachers: Go On Record

Pencader Wastes $1,282,188 of Delaware’s Money.

Because Caesar Rodney Is Always Wrong

How Well Did Common Core Work In The USSR?

Uncommon Dismay For A Common Core

News Journal SLAMS Caesar Rodney Institute of Education

Thoughts On The Teacher/Corporate Divide

Who Dares Fire Minerva McGonagall

About The Teacher’s Survey

How Common Core is Depressing America’s Intellect! NOT Making It Brighter!

As If Business Leaders Wrote The Standards For Surgeons……

Caesar Rodney Again Pushes Their Narrow Profitable (for them) Agenda

In Order To Form A Better Consistent Partnership In Education

The Travesty Of Teaching To The Test

School Vouchers and Hurricane Sandy

Tennessee Lays Out Their Educational Agenda

Moritorium On Too Much Testing

One Person’s Personal Mistake Sets Back Delaware Education for One Full Year

Parents, Administrators, and Politicians….

Common Core Is A Bore

The Corporatization of Little Kids

$10,000 Bonuses

Compensation Versus Teaching

As I went back and compiled this, I realized that I only got into this fight over merit compensation.  I bet those pushing reform wish they never picked that battle…  It alone caused me to delve into Education and everything else you see above, is the result…..