.3 million is $300,000 dollars to those of you not mathematically inclined… How did they do that?  By transferring only part of that money they withheld from the Christina School District over to Charter Schools… They take $2.3 million away from Christina;  give $2 million to Charter Schools, and presto, they pocket a cool $.3 million and no one is wiser.

So did we just hear that right?  They are taking $2.3 million from the neediest school district in the state, one with the highest number of low income students, and giving it to charter schools, which cater to the wealthy?


Are they taking government money originally earmarked for the public’s school children, and just giving it away to friends of theirs, to do with as they wish?


Your money. Earmarked for your children.  Now goes to wealthy friends of “theirs” who for a profit, can now open up a “charter school” to make money while you get poorer..

That is what charter schools are.   Private businesses who make  their money by enticing children’s parents to sign up, then collecting money from the state to educate that child.

Remember Chris Castagno?  He ran as a Republican for New County Council Executive once? Well under the guize of 4048 Associates, his group got $100,000 a month for an old abandoned building he let Pencader Charter School move into….. to the tune of $1.1 million a year... The total Pencader cost to the state that year was around $2.9 million.

Does it matter that the school was so poorly run, it had to be shut down? Yes, to the tune of $1.1 million dollars of income each fiscal year that is no longer coming in… As for the children?  Heck they can go back to public school; its probably better for them anyways…..

So over the life of  Pencader, Chris Castagno made $7 million from money that was earmarked for your public school child.

And he is not the only one… Every developer has property just sitting around.  Putting more money into the existing school system does nothing for them. Ahhh… but put it into Charters?…….

This new $2 million going to Charter Schools is a “thank you”… It has not one thing to do with education.  While Christina’s impoverished school children go through the day without school lunches,  the wealthy of this state can toast Jack Markell with the most expensive champagne, the richest caviar, all for his part in helping them take from the poor to waste upon themselves…

$2 million straight from Christina, will now be handed over directly to wealthy private charter schools…

Unless you complain, beginning now.