Definition of Merit Pay:     (a) stipend or bonus given to those whose noses are the most brown…..  (b) often spoken as derogatory for it omits those who do most of the work.

Last year the board of the Christina School District voted to forgo this year’s RTTT money because they had to pay just a few teachers (probably none would qualify) $20,000 and they preferred to spread the award amount to all teachers who had done an exemplary job…   The state balked.  No you can’t do that.  But they didn’t cave.  Now next year, they don’t have to scramble to fill in the shortfall.  All other districts will….

Today, the entire state of Georgia, did exactly the same….  Many of the same reasons…..

Effective Jan. 15, Georgia lost access to $9.9 million of its $400 million Race to the Top grant—money that the state promised in its winning application to use for a merit-pay system tied to new teacher evaluations. The state has eliminated that merit-pay plan, has chosen not to appeal the department’s decision, and is forfeiting the money—at least for now.

For a whole state to give up $9.9 million, that merit pay plan must be one messed up piece of junk…..