Yeah. Nice headline.  The problem is educational reform, and not so much the sitting president.  But educational reform has not done Afro-Americans any favors, or any other minority for that matter.

Rich white kids?  Now….  they are thriving….

Here is what Common Core and the Chiefs For Change have wrought across America…..this is based on this Federal Civil Rights data

Minorities and students with limited English proficiency are more likely to be taught by inexperienced teachers, attend a high school with limited math and science offerings, and be disciplined at higher rates than their white peers…

Gee, it’s tough to be a minority, even as the federal government spends $14.4 billion a year in Title I funds aimed at helping disadvantaged students

A)  Nearly 7 percent of black students attend schools where more than 20 percent of teachers hadn’t yet met all state certification requirements. That figure was four times higher than for white students.

B)   While black students represented 16 percent of overall enrollment, they represented 33 percent of students suspended out of school, and 34 percent of students who were expelled.

C)    Of schools serving the highest percentages of black and Latino students, only 66 percent and 74 percent offer chemistry and Algebra 2, respectively.

D)   Black children make up 18 percent of preschool enrollment, but close to half—48 percent—of the preschool children suspended more than once.

Instead of getting put onto the bus, it appears that black children got ….thrown under the bus…

This may be news to some, but it isn’t news to me.  Anytime you have a governor and a secretary (Chief for Change) more concerned with the stock margins in their own portfolios than African American children, this is exactly the results one would expect to find…..

We CAN fix this.

We go with an 11:1 student-teacher ratio in any school over the 50% line in free lunch. We mandate that ratio for 1-5th grades and for 9th in high schools.

We raise taxes on the top 1% to pay for our educational needs. The extra expense cannot be culled any more from a broken middle class, hanging on with bare knuckles while trying to keep from falling into poverty themselves….

Eliminate charter schools. Most of these statistics are directly the result  of Charter schools skimming off the top cream, and leaving those blacks having no advocates, in poor public school districts growing poorer daily with every new approved Charter School…

And we can start seriously addressing poverty.  The source of ALL poverty is nothing less than the dispersement of resources only among the top percentage, thereby causing  fewer resources to be split among more and more  people. Raising taxes reverses this process. That should be our nation’s top priority…