Some data NOT mentioned by Mr. Sweeney.

  • DPAS System needs improving  Teachers: 86% agree  Specialists: 86% agree  Administrators  95% agree
  • System should be continued in current form  Teachers: 75% disagree  Specialists:  79% disagree  Administrators:  88% disagree
  • 60% of teachers/58% specialists/37% administrators found data coaches of little or no value 
  • 65% of teachers/76% of specialist and 76% of administrators gave the overall evaluation process a
    grade of “C” or less
  • 38% of administrators disagreed that they could accurately evaluate teachers using the criteria for the
    student achievement component
  • Some discrepancies occurred between the evaluations of teachers and administrators


Teacher Evaluations

  • Of the 5 components, professional responsibilities and student improvement were ranked the lowest as
    good indicators of performance for administrators – Prof. Responsibility:  61%;   student
    improvement: 64%.  The other indicators ranked 80% and above.
  • Of the 5 components, professional responsibilities and student improvement were ranked the lowest as
    good indicators of performance for teachers – Prof. Responsibility . 43%;  student improvement:
    52%.  The other indicators ranked 83% and above with Instruction ranked at 97%.

Sweeney characterized them as “bumps in the road”.  Others might consider them as holes into the center of the earth.