The Academic Achievement Award is to be given to the schools with large portions of low income and poverty children, who have excelled in closing he achievement gap.

This year it goes to the Charter School of Wilmington. Why? To keep the wealth among the wealthy? To keep the money white? Who knows?

Here are the stats for Charter School of Wilmington…..

Charter School of Wilmington

And here are the overall average stats for the state of Delaware….

Delaware Student Statistics

Exactly the same, right?

The reward is $50,000 and the Chief of Change by making this choice is saying, that high poverty schools do not need the money until they first perform, and if such money were ever placed there it would be wasted.  Only rich, wealthy, affluent administrators actually know how to “properly” use money, and only the crisp top echelon can ever be trusted to administer it.

There are 60 Afro Americans in Wilmington Charter School.  There are  only 15 students of low income.  At most, 45 of those Afro Americans are far above low income….

In the same district, there is Red Clay’s Warner Elementary School….  That elementary school  listed at 77% Afro American and  92.6% low income….   In human beings, that school has 417 Afro-American students…. and 501 students from low income families…..

Warner School Student Data

Those are the facts straight from the Department of Education’s website.

Here is the official description of the  award…

Academic Achievement Award
The awards are given (a) to schools whose students are performing at an exceptionally high level, particularly those schools with large percentages of students coming from low-income households, and (b) to schools that have succeeded in closing the achievement gap for students such as low-income students, students from minority groups, and students with disabilities. Winners were selected based on 2012-13 data.
Delaware Lt. Governor Matt Denn

On a day when Bill Gates is threatening to take away his $40 million and go home  because of lack of enthusiasm towards paying Value Added bonuses, this glaring example of giving to the “haves”, at a school that selects from only the topmost students across New Castle County,  a school with almost unlimited financial resources, … and budgeting that money away from the rest of the district and  schools like Warner,  desperately in need of $50,000  simply shows all talk from Markel and Murphy is a side show.

They do not have student interests at heart… Unless those students perhaps have wealthy parents who don’t shun from writing checks during the next election season…..

One cannot express to be sincere about education, and then make mockery of that sincerity by performing an action such as this.