When one looks down over the test scores just release one is quick to notice a pattern.

Appoquinimink dropped -4.4 in 3rd Grade, -2.6 in 5th, -0.1 in 8th and was +2.3 over last year on its ELA. In math, the same trend: -3.0 in third.-6 in fifth, -1.4 in 8th, and 2.3 in 10th.

Watch the trend.

Brandywine ELA -4.3; -0.1; -1.7; 3.0.
Brandywine Math -6.1; 1.4; -3.2; 1.8.

Caesar Rodney ELA: -9.0;-0.3;-1.1;-.-0.6.
Caesar Rodney Math: -5.4;-0.5;-0.9;-2.6.

Cape Henlopen ELA: -10.0;-3.4;-0.4;+0.1.
Cape Henlopen Math: -7.2;-5.4;-0.2;+5.6.

Capital ELA: -6.1;-3.6;-3.4;+2.1.
Capital Math:-2.7;-6.2;-1.4;-5.1.

Christina ELA: -8.2;-2.2;-5.3’+9.2.
Christina Math:-4.0;-5.9;-3.5;+4.3.

Colonial ELA:-3.7;-1.3;+2.3;+0.3.
Colonial Math:-0.6;-6.2;-5.7;-9.5.

Indian River ELA: -5.5;+2.7;-4.3;-0.7.
Indian River Math:-4.5;-0.6;-5.6′-4.3.

Lake Forest ELA: +1.2;-2.5;-4.1;-1.1
Lake Forest Math: +2.2;-7.6;-0.8;-9.1.

Laurel ELA: -2.3;-10.6’+4.9;-5.2.
Laurel Math: -6.8;-10.3;-6.9;-12.6.

Milford ELA: -7.3;-7.9;+0.9;-4.4.
Milford Math:-4.9;-13.6;-0.9;-13.6.

Red Clay ELA: -2.5l+2.2;+2.4;+10.0.
Red Clay Math:-3.8;+1.3;+1.0;+8.1.

Smyrna ELA: -1.3;-2.7;-10.;+7.5.
Smyrna Math:-0.6;-1.6;-5.2;+9.6.

Woodbridge ELA: -1.3;-6.3;-9.4;+18.7.
Woodbridge Math: +1.6;-15.2;-7.3;+2.9.

Statewide ELA: -4.9;-1.8;-1.2;+2.1.
Statewide Math: -3.9;-3.8;-2.8;-2.0.

The basic trend carried over into the state totals, is that the greatest losses occurred in 3rd grade, and the greatest gains were in high school, at the tenth grade mark.

This is the exact opposite of normal trends. When a new program gets rolled out, usually the impact is felt first in the third grade, and that moves upward year after year. In the past, when we’ve rolled out a new curriculum, we focused on the lower grades primarily and augmented that base as they climbed upwards. Most of our gains would be front loaded in the elementary grades, with our minuses taking place in the high schools, who did not have time to learn the “new way”.

This showing the opposite way, is bad news. For this data pattern is saying that those who were immersed in Common Core are the ones who did the poorest, and those who may have dodged it entirely or got a glancing blow, did much better than those on curriculum.

Bad news.

There is enough evidence here to make the hypothesis that Common Core appears to give results poorer than non-common core curriculums. That is why the high schools did better (they weren’t touched) and those immersed pulled down the state’s score.

If anyone has seen the common core materials that actually make it into the classroom, you will instantly understand why these scores dropped.