It is Mark Murphy’s statement in the News Journal when they asked him about the solid vote of non-confidence in his leadership, caused by his botched elementary gym-styled rollout of Common Core.

I have yet to find anyone NOT talking about it.  I was going to leave it alone because what’s the point?  If everyone is talking about it already, why waste my time?

Then I saw something that no one else seems to have picked up…. So here I am….

First, refresh yourself with the quote, and then we will walk the hard facts… The quote:

“While we are seeing positive results in the classroom and teachers are receiving more feedback, we are committed to continuing to work with our educators to improve,” Murphy said. “However, placing a hold on the use of student growth would move us backward and would deny everyone in our system the feedback that will help them ensure our students graduate ready to succeed in college or career.”

Let us first assume he is truthful. that will show the logical flaw in his thinking….

They are as follows.

  • We are currently seeing positive results.
  • Teachers are receiving more feedback.
  • Holding the advancement of student growth (firing teachers) would move us backwards.
  • Holding student growth (firing teachers) would deny us feedback.
  • The lack of feedback would make them not ready for college and career.

Translated, he is saying that we are currently improving without “student growth” (firing low score teachers) but we must change to “student growth” (firing of low score teachers) to keep from going backwards.

What is working now he is saying, we must destroy, or we will go backwards.

What is good, he is saying, must now be eliminated; and we must start all over with something brand new in order to not go backwards?

That is the argument…. Now the facts.

The current improvement is coming from the DCAS, a new Delaware test that is used to rate teachers and schools and was agreed by practically everyone…. This is to be scrapped for the Smart Balanced Assessment test, which along with its PARCC test, has traumatized state legislatures across the nation… Indiana and Tennessee have opted out.  Georgia, Oklahoma, and many others are considered to join them.  Parents across the nation are leading the revolution to keep the current system which as Mark Murphy just acknowledged, is doing what it is supposed to and improving education, instead of replacing it with another untried one which will earns a higher profit.

The improvement we are currently seeing is occurring not from, but despite Common Core and Race To The Top… The improvement is due to the diligence of the teaching profession, the support of local districts,  all who agreed to the DCAS system… And the DCAS system is working without “student growth”(firing of teachers), at least according to Mark Murphy….

What isn’t working, is the Component 5 portion(firing of teachers) that has not yet been implemented…

When your car is working perfectly, one doesn’t rush to take it to a shop having a block and tackle, and then let some kid replace the engine with one bought on the cheap from that junkyard north of Smyrna….

Why an ex-elementary gym teacher would advocate doing so,  must make us wonder what connection is has on the side with the Junk dealer north of Smyrna…..