Oh my goodness, it is so similar…  It is exactly like the Kinder Morgan deal that opened up Legislative session….

A) We are going to give away our port.

B) We are going to tie a teaching schools performance to the testing of their teachers students.


A) What about the union jobs?

B) What about teachers who won’t go to problem schools because its now bad for their career?


A) Silence.

B) Silence.


A) Enter the bloggers.

B) Enter the bloggers.


A) Kinder Morgan will cut jobs, will not invest in the port, will not work with business deals with the businesses in that area.

B) This is a very bad bill. This bill destroys on of  the best education departments in the country, so we can bid it out for profit.


A) Kinder Morgan has environmental problems and is a shady dealer in the past.

B) This bill will siphon talent out of Wilmington, and put the best, most promising children in the Newark and Brandywine suburbs.


A) Silence from the administration

B) Silence from the administration


A) News Journal prints administration line  on how Kinder Morgan will grow the port, and is needed to make competitive.

B) News Journal prints  administration line on how our educational system is failing and we need tougher teacher standards.


A) Bloggers respond that big Panama Canal Ships can’t come up the Delaware,  News Journal Facts are wrong.

B) Bloggers respond that University of Delaware is ranked the 35h BEST educational department in the nation. NJ facts are wrong.


A) Bloggers respond that the Kinder Morgan is picking up the port for a song.  We are practically giving it away for free.

B) Bloggers respond that  we are getting rid of Praxis I and Praxis II to replace it with a corporate test not even thought up yet.


A) Bloggers trace out how Kinder Morgan will remove good paying union jobs from city in 3 years.

B) Bloggers point out language in bill that allows the firing of protected tenured teachers who do not meet re-evaluations scores.


A) Silence from the administration.

B) Silence from the administration.


A) News Journal prints a piece from Alan Levine that raises more questions than it answers.

B) News Journal prints a piece from Hefferman that raises more questions than it answers.


A) Kinder Morgan was a slipped through legislation that was supposed to slide through with nice language and not be noticed.

B) SB 51 was slipped through as legislation that was supposed to slide through with nice language and not be noticed……


There are too many similarities and that alone should perk up the antennas.  SB 51 is a pork bill.  It is designed to benefit a corporate entity by dismantling our current teacher teaching process, in which University of Delaware was ranked 35th out of all teaching colleges, and enabling the state to add a “testing service” of it’s own choosing.

One, do we have a problem with the current system… no.

Two, do know what will happen if we change things… no.

Three, have things gone well with RTTT so far?… no, education scores have plummeted since RTTT was put in place.

Four, have things gotten better with Common Core?  No… Common Core  by dumbing down education, is lowering scores on the high end, in an effort to raise scores on the low in.  Without the high scorers of before, the totals are down.  We are dumbing down education to make sure all the test answers are covered enough in class so when it is seen on the test, even the most stupid of students will remember.

Sure, raising teachers standards is a good thing.  Until you apply that principal to yourself..  Shouldn’t  our legislators print every week a letter and post it as to what they did each week? What they heard in committee? Why they think they should vote the way they will? .  Shouldn’t legislators be more engaged with their constituents?  Shouldn’t legislators send their lobbyists first to their constituents, to get their read on the lobbyists proposals first, before having those bill requests handed to the legislators themselves?

Yes.. that sounds like a good thing. Sure we should.  Legislators need to be accountable too.  If the public looks over their shoulder at every little detail, … Sure, they will legislate better.  And to perform that function, we have a well-respected business right here, called Friends Of Mine,  that will be glad, for the cost of $330 million to monitor, print, engage, and get back to each legislator with true data, so that good decisions can now come out of Legislative Hall..

Our fear as parents is that the Legislature is about to break something good in order to fix a non-problem… Just like the administration was about to do with Kinder Morgan….

Except this time… it’s our children who will suffer.

Three options.

One, remove the clause that ties teacher/ teaching school’s evaluations to test scores.  There is no evidence that any correlation exists.  A good teacher in a poverty school will fail evidence shows, and a bad teacher in rich school will succeed. Evidence also shows.

All the data that is NON PROFIT driven shows this to be true.  If given data otherwise, inquire WHO provides it, or WHO  funds the dummy corporation that provides that data?

If amended, the bill then has to go back to the Senate.

Two, vote this entire bill down.

Three, don’t even put this bill on the table and let it die.

This bill with very profound implications has not been debated.  i sailed through committee,  it sailed through the Senate, it got one negative vote in committee of the House,  and now…  will any debate occur?

Do we want better teachers?


We need  debate.  We need it bad before this bill becomes law… and kills Delawares wonderful very high ranked teaching educational system.