I’m skimming the NGA and CCSSO websites and it hits me:  This is exactly what we use to make fun of Chairman Mao for…..

Leading for Early Success: Building School Principals’ Capacity to Lead High-Quality Early Education 

Governor’s Role in Aligning Early Education and K-12 Reforms: Challenges, Opportunities, and Benefits for Children

Building A Birth to 3rd Grade State Policy Agenda: A Policy Institute for Governors’ Advisors and Early Childhood Advisory Councils

Benchmarking for Success: Ensuring U.S. Students Receive a World-Class Education

Realizing the Potential: How Governors Can Lead Effective Implementation of the Common Core State Standards

Staying the Course: Sustaining the Momentum of Education Change Efforts

Common Core Postsecondary Collaborative Learning Lab

Aligning and Implementing Birth-3rd Grade Learning Standards: A Strong Foundation for College and Career-Training Readiness

That’s enough. There were so many more too.

Whereas that diction and imperial tone would bode well in North Korea, I doubt that even the China of today would stoop so low.  Anyone with familiarity to either a Communistic government, or a corporate ladder, can immediately recognize the diction as being legislated from the top down.

When one wants to “impose” something upon a race, ancestry, or generation of people, they all use the same type of language.  Authoritative;; imposing; impersonal; distant; remote; regal; bureaucratic; vague; ………… all come to mind.

It is as if some distant force over which you have no control, has passed a resolution so now all must do their utmost to have it obeyed…

To those of us who study language, we recognize an underlying irony within such language.  It is that the authors of the titles and the articles, know full well what they are writing is bunk, but under threat of  death, know they must write it anyway. Therefore they often either subconsciously or on purpose, knowing no one will point it out, make the titles as ridiculous as possible to show their contempt….  It is as if  they are sending a signal, saying:  I wrote this; this is bunk.

Of course it is disguised so one can completely deny it.  When the boss yells, “are you making fun of me” the writer can quickly turn it around, “oh no sir; I was praising you to the highest degree possible,” and due to the usual vanity of bosses, completely get away with it.

So just like Communist China’s Propaganda…. “The State Is The Reason For Our Being”…. Common Core too rings hollow.  So hollow, they need big long sounding sloganeering just to get it published…..