For a district desperate for something to build on, the successful replication of the Science Leadership Academy has been “gigantic,” Mr. Hite , Philadelphia’s superintendent said….. 

But such enthusiasm is quickly muted. Many Philadelphia educators say the district’s budget woes have sucked the life from creative, hands-on instructional practices already in place. While the superintendent talks about giving educators the freedom to innovate, many city principals and teachers feel abandoned, rather than empowered.

For Philadelphia stumbled down the primrose path of charter schools… Rose’s who’s thorns scratched, dug, and bled the district dry….

All of Philadelphia’s money now goes to charter schools, who too are struggling to keep their own heads above water, and are failing miserably at educating children… especially those impoverished Afro-American children of their inner city…..

The new ideas and innovation the public schools can offer, now can’t be funded…  They are shells of what they could have been….

The same will happen to Delaware as more charter schools are approved and no attempt is made to keep them at their barest minimum… Any friend of a legislator can  now start a charter school, pay himself rent with state money, and squander those children’s future with impunity…  Just as happened in Philadelphia… In Milwaukee… In Cleveland…. In Washington, DC, and in Chicago….

And the public schools, which once were the pride of America… are reduced to keeping their doors open and trying to keep students safe…   Despite the best and most talented of human resources ever assembled in the educational field… there is no money to do anything….

Delaware is fast on the same track.  For years, under responsible General Assemblies, rules and regulations were in place that monitored and kept Charter Schools from festering out of control… No more… Being rolled over like gluttonous cattle too well fed to stand,  Charter Schools are moving into Delaware at a speed that would make Philadelphia’s investors jealous…..

Despite the fact, that right next door, in Philadelphia…. with our own eyes we can see that like leeches lamprayed on the financial jugular that funds our educational system… Charter Schools eventually will kill the host……

it is sad for Philadelphia… It is sadder that Delaware at this late date is just beginning the same failed policy… We know it will not work well in advance….