Do you remember SB51?  That Sokola Bill that no one read, and all were told that it was a no brainer because everyone was behind it, and it passes the Senate Unanimously and the Amendment was not even read; just passed anyway?  And in the House, four people tried to slow it down, but it just raced through?

It will be very damaging to our teachers.

It is based on the premise that poverty and blacks are being held back by bad teachers.  Therefore pumping up the “rigor” of becoming a teacher will make these students smart….

So how does one prove this?

One looks at the education of teachers from a good scoring school district, and compares it to those teachers from a bad scoring district, and one shows that all the teachers of affluent students came from really good schools and have additional degrees, and all the teachers of impoverished students came from really crappy schools, and most do not even have their full bachelors….

So when this is done, as was here, and one sees that the education levels in poorer districts stack up exactly the same as to those in affluent districts, and the additional degrees stack up exactly the same,  the entire premise that poor scores are a teachers fault, becomes highly suspect.

Hell with becoming suspect.  It IS false.

And what if one does the same experiment in two separate states and comes up with the exact same conclusion in both?

Hell with suspect.  The idea that “it is all a teacher’s fault” if her students do not show growth across the span of a year, is now disproven….  For if teachers receive the exact same training,… ie . cut from the exact same cloth,  but get different results, there has to be another factor.  Period.

Here again, was the original study,……

With access to the DOE personnel folders, a similar study now guaranteed to show similar results, could be done for Delaware….

It appears that when it comes to reforming education… no body “up there” knows what they are talking about!