This was the long awaited moment.  This was the justification of all the expense.  This was RODEL’s raison d’etre.   This was why we have charters. This was why we data mined every Delawarean child. This is why we forced component 5 into teachers evaluations. This is why, ladies and gentlemen, we have Common Core.  This is why it was so important to pass SB 51 in secret, lest the natives with pitchforks found out about it.  This is why is was so necessary to change the 39th best teaching school department, and do it in secret, before opposition could be fermented… This is why we are reforming education….   Just wait till the NAEP comes out the Department of Education kept saying.  We are on the right path.  It will justify all…. Our scores will shoot to the moon…..

The scores are now out….

The NAEP has been testing children since 1983.  It is called the nation’s report card because of its consistency. It tests at  only two levels 4th and 8th and only two subjects:  English and Math.  Ever since it has been in operation, test scores have steadily climbed.  It is the foundation for the argument that our children today, are smarter than we were back when we took those tests….

This test was going to prove that Corporate Core was indeed a revolutionary teaching tool that would change how children learned…

Did I mention that the scores are now out?


Here is the interactive link.  You can go there, click on Delaware, and get the view of the above. You can also find out what the 4th Grade English was, the 4th Grade Math, and the 8th Grade English. the 8th Grade Math is listed above.

Essentially Delaware for all its effort, for having the governor who would like to be known as the “education governor”, for having a Secretary of Education ramming Common Core down every school districts throat,  is right in the middle of average… Half of the states are doing better than us!  Half are doing worse.

Our one bright spot is 4th grade reading .  As of yet and as far as I know, no one has checked fourth grade trash barrels for worn out erasures.  Of course, across the course of things these would be the least damaged from implementation of Common Core.

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NAEP Reading 8th GradeNAEP Math 8th GradeNAEP Reading 4th GradeNAEP Math 4th Grade

Common Core StatesClick Images to make larger

Just skimming the maps looking for parallels, tell me if you thought of poverty?  Or Afro-Americans? Or Hispanics? it appears we have spent a lot of money over nothing.

Lets take a hard look at Common Core.  Most states are behind on implemention. Most are beginning it this year.  The four bell weather states who have implemented it and are near completion, are Delaware, Tennessee, Kentucky, and New York.

Out of these four states, the only orange above, are Delaware and New York in 4th Grade Reading, and Kentucky in 8th Grade Reading.  Tennessee which has brutally been driving component 5, never once gets out of mediocre.  Two states not aligned with Common Core, ie. Minnesota and Virginia are doing better than Delaware.  Minnesota is number 1; Virginia is 15th.

NAEP Raw State Scores

Ok. that is just the results. But how much gain has Delaware made? In other words, where were our scores last year, or actually 2011 when the test was last given? Did we gain over those with all our effort, and money spent on corporations who swore letting them have the contract, would guarantee better results?

NAEP Gains Reading 8th GradeNAEP Gains Math 8th GradeNAEP Gains Reading 4th GradeNAEP Gains Math 4th Grade
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Delaware’s only gain was in 4th Grade math. We were flat in all other categories.

Only one state this time around showed  gains in all four categories since 2011 and that is our sister RTTT state Tennessee, whose Secretary of Education is Michelle Rhee’s ex-husband.  However they are a late comer.  If you check the growth of state’s scores from 1992, Tom Carper’s years, you find Delaware is at spot 5.  But all our RTTT, Rodel, Op-Ed pieces, and money spent on tests, did nothing as far as raising our scores these last session.  Despite all the money and effort, our children are dumb as they ever were.

It could be the curriculum, you know.  All the other states who used to consistently have good educational systems, fell backwards too…

Which is what we’ve been saying.  Forget the standards,…. what you are putting in front of kids, is crap.