Trust Me

What we do know.

  • A video was allegedly taken, … “but can’t be seen… Trust us on what we say is on it…”    ????
  • The accusation of racism was alleged….. But after being publicly mentioned to taint the individual, due to lack of evidence was then subsequently removed from consideration by the board.????
  • Complaints of this type are routinely taken under district review… So why was a meeting hastily called? … Simply to cast disparagement????
  • Two “selected” members were allowed to view the video; yet it could not be seen by the others. ????
  • The confrontation (allegedly) involves a rogue bus driver who consistently puts children in danger, being confronted through the door of the bus by a concerned citizen, who just ironically happens to be the person who spanked the governors and Rodel’s SuperPAC’s hand picked candidate in a very expensive election (for them) two years ago.
  • And before you now…. there is no evidence to support it… Well …. allegedly there supposedly is evidence… But have you seen it… uhh, well no… but I was told by someone, I forget who, that it was there……


Imagine this scenario….

A parent of children in Christina schools decides to take the next step and run for school board elections, especially after seeing how bad the RTTT, Rodel, and Common Core are for Children… After seeing A+ children crying because they could ony muster 30% on a state test, she decided parents need to control their children, not the wags on Wall Street…..

She puts her name up.  A top secret SuperPAC of hidden donors under Rodel’s umbrella, put up their candidate:… Mr. Suk Der Dick.

And with the help of all these people… 

  • John Viola
  • Bill Oberle
  • Vince Lofink
  • Harrie Eleen Minnehan
  • Lisa Diller
  • Denny Schwartz
  • The whole Downes PTA
  • My Teachers at Downes
  • The greater Newark Area
  • John Kowalko
  • Connie Merlet
  • MCvey School and PTA
  • My Teachers at McVey
  • Maclary and their whole Staff and family
  • Glasgow High Parents and Students who I love us much.
  • The teachers and the union who voted for me
  • Steve my husband of 22 years for coming to meetings and concerts
  • My wonderful children Justin and Ashley who are the reason I fight for EVERY
  • child everywhere.
  • My Mom and sister
  • and all my friends
  • to my secret friends who really helped you know who you are..



A bus driver is performing a dangerous act in her neighborhood… (probably trying to maintain a too tight schedule) … As a parent, and ask any school bus driver how often these conversations take place through the open door, she holds him accountable…  As any employee, he defends himself by blaming his boss.  Obviously that is not acceptable to any parent.  A dead, squished child can not be remade exactly the same… They are one of a kind.

And obviously…. someone employed as a Credit and Collections Manager is not by nature, going to back down at the first sign of smart-talk and push-back from a bus driver on hand…. Especially when children’s lives are in danger…. Obviously someone who has held financial positions with such companies as Hercules, Pepsi and Avon, and whose active community service began when she served on the Member Services Staff at the YMCA on Kirkwood Highway in Newark, is not going to give up, be nice, and let children die…


If anything… Both sides have equal guilt.  Either one could have shut up, turned away, and if this driver is still driving, this is again obviously nothing more than a political set up. Any competent supervisor would remove the driver until an investigation was complete.  People who do bad things, need to be held accountable.  That includes bus drivers.   A driver who loses his cool through the open door to parents, should not remain a proper example of an adult role model in front of children.

Apparently a give-and-take argument did take place in front of children!…  This practice is so not good for quarreling parents undergoing divorce; it is certainly so not good for a concerned parent and a rogue school bus driver whose action put children in danger.

Some child complains to mom and dad; that complaint gets forwarded to the office, and a review of the tape is made. Upon finding the parent on the tape is “also” a school board member, a light bulb goes off…  Perhaps we can have this person removed if we make this altercation into a scandal?

Yeah, that’s the ticket…. Just one problem…

What is that?

It doesn’t show that on the tape… 

Oh, yeah, that could be a problem… Oh well, it was a great idea for 30 seconds….

Yeah, for 30 seconds…

Hey, wait…


Here listen to this…. What if…. we never showed the tape?   just said she abused the driver, and we can make him agree since he was on the receiving end, abuse is a relative term, right?  And call a board meeting to censure her, never show the tape, just allege how horrendous it is, and vote to censure her for it…

If we never show the tape, then no one will know it was really nothing, and everyone will have to take our word for it, right? Brilliant… How can anyone not vote to censure someone who did something awful… Even if you don’t know for sure, you will be afraid to vote against it, because what if it does turn out to embarrass you later when it does surface and turn out it is really bad… Brilliant.  

But we have to be careful in how we write it…  Use general words like abuse… Hey fellow, your hair is messy,  Ha, ha, ha,  I abused you.  Ha ha ha ha….

Ha, ha, ha… funny one there sir… 

Ok… call the meeting….

Yes, sir.