“” Hurricane Katrina was the best thing that happened to the education system in New Orleans.”    According to Secretary Duncan, every major city needs a Hurricane Katrina or some other natural disaster to demolish public education and eliminate teachers’ unions so they can be replaced by privately managed charter schools and Teach for America. ..

 “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were.”    This was after Arne Duncun’s tests failed 70% of the entire state of New York, which ranked number one in education in a CNBC report.

“We should be able to look every second grader in the eye and say, ‘You’re on track, you’re going to be able to go to a good college, or you’re not,’ ” he said. “Right now, in too many states, quite frankly, we lie to children. We lie to them and we lie to their families.”  Any of you ever have a 7  year old child or grandchild?  “You are not going to college”..you would tell him ?

“The vast majority who drop out of high school drop out not because it’s too hard but because it’s too easy”….  Really?  I’m dropping out of school because it is too easy and I get A+++ without trying?

“We’ve been able to do things – for example, close schools for academic failure. It is hugely difficult, it’s hugely controversial and it’s absolutely the right thing to do. That simply does not happen in other cities, because of a lack of political will..”.And how is the educational system of Chicago, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Washington DC, and Cleveland, doing right now?  There schools all got worse.  You may have showed political will, Arne, but you just ruined the entire futures of tens of millions of children.

“Teach For America made teaching cool again in low-income communities for a whole generation of talented college graduates. Its record shows that poverty need not be destiny in the classroom. When it comes to teaching, talent matters tremendously.”    How is that talent taught in 24 days, 6 hours each, better than talent that has gone through 4 years of higher educational training, and perhaps even has a masters or doctorate in education?

We’ve seen more reform in the last year than we’ve seen in decades, and we haven’t spent a dime yet. It’s staggering how the Recovery Act is driving change….    Maybe we shouldn’t have tried to  fix what isn’t broken…..

Arne Duncun as was broken by Kilroy himself, is coming to Delaware… home of the education governor….

Eastside Charter School  (on the East Side) at  10:45

Mt. Pleasant High School off Marsh Road…at 12:40  (chosen because it is closest to the state police barracks (Troop 3) in case a giant riot breaks out. The National Guard has been issued orders for no leave in order to be on standby.

Get your shirts, signs, request-off’s, chants, Last Rites, and bring friends, Romans, and neighbors (countrymen is too old fashioned;  Common Core got rid of Shakespeare anyways to teach students how to read product manuals on assembling ceiling fans.)….. Start thinking of the message you personally want presented as the press rolls up to film the governor…

Here are a few:

  • Opt out of the tests. (legal right by US Constitution but not yet codified by state law.
  • Get rid of Component 5. Teacher evaluations should not be held to test scores.
  • 11:1 Student teacher ratio works;
  • Public Schools Teach Better Than Charter Schools, the proof is published.
  • Stop Charter Schools From Stealing Money Away From Public Schools.
  • Fund Charters Like Vo-Tech schools!
  • Get Corporate OUT of Education;  Our Children Are Not Here For Someone’s Else’s Investment Profits.


That’s a tickler list… What part of Common Core is your biggest peeve?  This should be seen as the time all issues of Common Core can be mainstreamed into the news feed quite possible across the nation….

Be there or Be Square…..  forever pull out your hair….

(oh… and the official footware will be……   gym shoes…..)