Story by Pittsburgh Press.  Of course it is easy to point flaws out on the other side, and use it so bolster oneself by saying: “see!  Told you we’re the good guys”.  Reality is that bad people pop up everywhere so this shouldn’t become the crux or banner of the reform Educational-reform movement.

What it does show, however,…  is that the other side, the Charter School movement, is very susceptible to people whose primary goal is to enrich themselves well and quickly.

The charges really come down to a good person thinking that no one would know how much he was making, because the Charter Movement was so messed up organizationally, and therefore it was his for the taking and no one would ever know.

Apparently he wasn’t aware that all his calls and emails could be pulled up at the touch of a button.

Anyways, his policies which are harmful to public education will now not be as effective compared to as if he was still able to convince others over to his way of thinking….

I guess that is a small victory.

The real lesson, is that this rarely happens in public school systems, because there is no money that can be made.  Pirates always be lookin’ at the booty….