A task force is designed to get independent thought from a large outreach of people. The idea behind a task force is that if many minds are crawling over an issue, there is a greater chance someone will come up with a new solution far faster than if one person has to think through every scenario himself..

Of course it works that way… The thing one must watch for, is if any one party tries to influence a task force by putting their own people in to give itself a majority of votes, thereby solidifying it will choose exactly what that person wanted to do in the first place, long before the task force was forced upon him….

Thanks to Mike O for publishing the list for all to see….

On it we see the Secretary of Education, Mark Murphy. We also see:

  • Three parents appointed by the Secretary of the Department of Education
  • Two representatives from Charter Schools with selective enrollment criteria appointed by the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education.
  • Two representatives from Magnet Schools or Programs appointed by the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education..

We have 7 Director of Education appointees and the Director himself… Particularly of interest, was that the formation of the this group was to include a wide range of viewpoints. All these 8 must subscribe to the viewpoint of the Director himself.

Now for those associated with the Director.

Randall Hughes – State Board of Education Board Member

Susan Francis Delaware School Board Association Executive Director

Those appointed to their positions by the Governor include.

The superintendent of each of the Vocational Technical Districts or designee(s)  1. Victoria Gehrt – NCC Votech;  2. Deborah Zych – Poly Tech;   3. AJ Lathbury – Sussex Tech

The president of the Delaware State Board of Education or designee;  Randall Hughes – SBE Board Member

Lindsay O’Mara; Wife of a representative from the Office of the Governor appointed by the Governor.

A representative from the Governor’s Advisory Council for Exceptional Citizens (“GACEC”) appointed by the Council Chair; Terri Hancharick

Those on record as cheerleading  for support of Common Core.

The president of the Delaware Parent Teacher Association or designee;  Yvonne Johnson – State PTA President

The president of the Delaware School Boards Association or designee;  Susan Francis DSBA Executive Director

The president of the Delaware State Board of Education or designee;  Randall Hughes – SBE Board Member

Delaware Senator; David Sokola

Deleware Representative:  Darryl Scott

A list of votes that parents could possibly sway to make modifications to Common Core Implementation.

Nicole Poore; Delaware Senator

Kim Williams; Delaware Representative

Frederika Jenner; President DSEA

It is apparent that overwhelming force must be applied from outside this task force to make every-day parent’s concerns known. Inside the meeting room, any parent who speaks with heart within the allowed time-frame, will be deemed by the sheer numbers arranged against her, as being a nice, quaint, but silly “crazy Eileen.”

Not every panel is a foregone conclusion. This one will be unless there is a lynching mob outside the front doors waiting for them to exit… that is the vehicle through which they will change their mind.

One final note. for this, the teachers’ voices were bought off and silenced, allowing uncontested passage of SB 51 and HB 165… Just sayin’….