Stupiditiy Personified Lavelle

There is a floater bill, put up as a joke to all but Greg (what, it’s a joke?) Lavelle (who thinks it is serious), that defies explanation…. In Delaware we get a joke bill that will, get this…. allow parents to use the funds that would have been allocated to their child at their resident school district for an education program of the parents’ choosing….

  • Uhhh.  Request from Kent County….. I want to teach my son how to make meth… I choose that education program so give me my money…..
  • Uhhh.  Request from Sussex County…. I want to teach my son how to slop pigs… That way I won’t have to payfor one of ‘dem Mexicans…  Give me my money….
  • Uhhh… Request from New Castle County…. I want to teach my son how to sell drugs and work a string of hoes…. Give me all mine in big bills…..

Has anyone ever heard of a more ridiculous bill?

Figures…. it would have Greg Lavelle’s name plastered on it…  What were the residents of the 4th District thinking?

Imagine. Robbing YOUR tax dollars away from public schools, to teach the arts of meth-making, pig slopping, and hoe-tending?….  There must be less oxygen the closer one is to the floor…..