Before anyone gets bent up over the Christina School board turning down the fight to keep $2.3 million, there is something you should know.

This money was strictly tied to starting a habit for which there would be no money next year…If the board accepted the money, at the end of funding which is this year, the board would have to pay for this extra little thing we have to do just to get our state RTTT funding.

It would be like taking up heroin because it was free.  Then you got to pay for it after you are addicted.

The Board of Education made a shrewed and very smart business decision. Many who do not have a clue will yell at the headlines.  However those of us who appreciate the power of money, who understand money, who know that money works on rules of its own and is not subject to the whims of popular opinion, KNOW this was a very smart choice.  

One that clearly was the right thing to do, even though emotionally it may be hard to bear because after all it was the right decision and not the “easy” one.

There may be criticism for awhile, but by next year, when every other district is debating whether to cut this  RTTT program or fund it with another referendum,  the Christina School District will be focusing on education… as it should…

I for one, am always glad when someone, anyone, is clear headed and makes a tough decision based on what is right.;;;

Now lets see who’s stupid and self serving as they line up to criticize the board for turning this down, and who will say…”Oh, this is a stupid decision..  Who passes up free heroin!” ..

Mr. Street:  The floor is yours.  The line starts here.