Delaware Libertarian posted the talking points being emailed to Charter School Parents. Note: these are in support of HB 165 and were written by the Charter lobbyists for that organization.

So taking their memes and removing the lies and instilling the truth, gives us ours… Simple, quick, effective… (Thank you Charter Schools for doing our work for us…)

Pass this one on asap.

  • Hello, My Name is ________ and I am a parent of  ___ children in Delaware Public Schools ________, _________, _________ . I calling to ask you vote down the Charter School Wish List known as HB 165 for the following reasons.
  • It is a bad bill.  It takes money away from public schools and gives to Charter Schools. Public schools are public property and need to be fixed up first with public money.
  • This bill is being “sneaked through”.  There is considerable opposition to this bill by every public school parent whose child will lose if this bill is passed.  You may not know how mad they will be yet because this bill came out of nowhere overnight, and instead of being featured in the media and discussed up or down, it has remained secretly burried in a “working body” until last week.
  • The “working body” was even secret.  We just discovered it now.  The Attorney General yesterday ruled it was indeed a public body and was required to publish minutes, (which it didn’t), announce its meetings (which it didn’t) and respond to all requests for information (which it hasn’t).. This means this body broke the law in coming up with this bill.
  • We have the list of all Charter School owners.  Charter School Networks are huge businesses.  They are corporations who get rich by siphoning off our school taxes we pay yearly to maintain our public schools.  These owners are well connected state big-wigs who aim to get rich off this bill, while funds for our public schools get smaller, and smaller, and smaller.
  • Public School Parents who choice out of their feeder pattern school, have to drive their own kids to school.  Charter Schools get millions to bus their kids to school.  Why?  Why are they so special?
  • Charter School kids do worse on standardized tests than public school kids. This is documented.  Rich versus rich. Poor versus poor. Charter Schools don’t get the same quality of education as do students in public schools.  We need to fund what works; not take money away and give to what doesn’t.
  • Charter Schools are discriminatory to Blacks, Hispanics, and all Whites-not-having-incomes-over-$100,000.  Charter Schools are no better than private schools for rich white people, except now HB 165 wants to take a big portion of public money actually being spent on teaching Blacks and Hispanics, and put it into these filthy rich white school systems.

Dear Sir/Ma’am:  How you can possibly vote yes on this bill is beyond me and everyone whom I have talked about it so far.