The biggest problem over Common Core is it’s funding.  We are funding, what exactly?  It is not like funding a trip to the moon.  There is a moon,  We either get there or not.

Common Core is about measuring something intangible.  Learning.  Go to work and look around you.  See if you can guess what each person majored in College, or if they even went to college,  and then go up and ask them…  Keep track just to see how good of a guesser you are…

That is what we are spending all this money for…. To assess…. learning.

As a reminder, all legislative session stretches from January to June 30th.    The trial of the Smart Balanced Assessment will be taken by students late in May…

The earliest results from this prototype test  hit in August.  TWO MONTHS AFTER THE LEGISLATURE IS FINISHED….

What if the results are terrible, as those who have taken the prototypes already say they will be?  Too late, everything has been voted on, and locked down.  There is no way to go back…

Yes, voters can show their anger in November’s elections, but that will not help those kids who are stuck with Common Core for another 2-3 years before any changes can be made.

Point is:  is the Smart Balanced Assessment worthy of all the money earmarked for it?  Won’t we be better off carrying the DCAS forward, and if that means opting out of the Federal Program Common Core, than like 27 other states are considering, we do it?

We simply will not know by the wee hours of July 1.  But we will have locked down the damage for the next 3 years….

That is why it is folly to pass any Common Core Legislation in this session of the General Assembly…..