The NEA after receiving $3,882,600  from the Gates Foundation, flipped and now supports Common Core Standards.

Yet the NEA’s own survey shows that only 26% of teachers wholeheartedly support Common Core.

How can they get away with lying you may skeptically ask?

Because there was also a second option.  Would you support Common Core if the changes were made that you think it requires? 50 percent.

Add the two together and you can say that… 76% of teachers support Common Core… (just omit that 50% of those said it needs changed before they’d line up behind it).

The truth however…. 100% – 26%…  is that 74% of teachers do not solidly or wholeheartedly approve of Common Core!….

From 74% against to “overwhelming support for”… ???

That’s what $3,882,600 will buy you…..