Some title, huh?  If you can’t guess, this will be about the News Journal.   We are discussing credibility.

We know what credibility is; we don’t have to define it here for this audience…  Those of you who read the News Journal on a regular basis are aware of the violent rape that occurred in one of the Parks, and yesterday the two perpetrators, young boys of fourteen and fifteen were arrested, and are being held without bail….

I remember hearing the story, I didn’t read it, but was horrified that gangs of bottom level teens were marauding women in our parks.  What has Dennis William wrought upon us?

The real story is that two known prostitutes talked friendly to the boys, and offered them their services.  The boys thought they were getting turned on for free because they were hot stuff, and accepted.  Afterwards the girls tried to exhort payment.  Fourteen and fifteen year old boys in the inner city, don’t have that kind of money.  A fight broke out. The guys tried to get away but were held, and finally broke loose. The girls pressed the rape charge and told their story of being held down by large numbers of black men and raped.

The News Journal knew all this; yet didn’t print any of it.  The story became public through the good reporting one always finds on WDEL (where all the news is free btw).

What the News Journal did is called libel; when you print a lie, and hold it to be the truth.   Apparently the truth was too inconvenient for the News Journal to publish.  It destroyed “their” version of the story (We Can’t Have That), which will sell more papers.  To hell with two boys, incarcerated currently as we speak,  probably raped themselves by now, for agreeing to make out with a couple of girls who seemed friendly and to like them….  It is not rape when the girls initiate the action expecting payment;  if they’d gotten paid, no rape charges would be filed….

One should be infuriated at the actions this poorly reported story has caused.  The heads of the News Journal were reckless in publishing hearsay evidence without asking both sides; simply taking the prostitute’s views only.  All damages inflicted on these two young men, are the result of one false and poorly researched News Journal sensationalized story.

What does this have to do with their educational reporting?

Those familiar with the comings and goings of education reform incorrectly being reported in the News Journal, should immediately recognize the motif...  Tell only one side, Cream it up,  Do not, Repeat, do not, research anyone else who disagrees and knows the real truth…..

As goes rape, so goes educational reporting.

Only the official side gets told.  There is tremendous opposition among parents regarding the implementation of Common Core, based on the damage it did to school children in the 2012-2013 school year.   None of this has come to light.   There is a full court press of opponents to Common Core, so much it almost derailed HB 165, the Charter School legislation, because of the reform policies sneaked into them.

Has the News Journal even mentioned that serious harm is being done to children taking Common Core Classes.  Has it published the documentation demonstrating that Common Core is dumbing down our educational system instead of revamping it?  Has the News Journal mentioned that New York FAILED 70 percent of their students, and that is coming to Delaware?  Has the News Journal even mentioned that college ready is officially defined as being able to pass two years of the lowest grade community college in a row?  And that any student who learns only  Common Core, can never get into a top college or university, especially one of Ivy League status, no matter their IQ?  They simply lack the tools?  Has anyone mentioned that Common Core is separating us into two classes of education. Those privileged in private schools who will get all the good jobs, and everyone else in Public Schools who will fight over everything else?

These reports are all documented across the web.  In fact, there is more scientific evidence across the globe, done by professional evaluators, that speak ill of Common Core than speak well of it.   In fact, because I wanted to believe in it, I have been looking for one single study or example showing any positive results from Common Core teaching over the past 9 months… If it is out there, it is hiding from Google.  Meaning that, for the News Journal to print only one side of the Common Core debate, is on the same level as completely denying that Climate Change exists, ignoring all the mounting evidence to the contrary, and just reporting only what gets said by oil company executives.

I used to blame the new reporter on the Education beat for his one sided-ness.  I now apologize. With the inside knowledge on how this rape story is being mishandled,  I now understand all one-sidedness comes straight from the top… it is forced upon the reporters! The top management of the the News Journal, are sick, sick, sick.  Nothing they clear for publishing anymore is trustworthy….   It is a shame when Kim Kardashian’s alien love-child pictures in the National Enquirer have far more credibility than any of the News Journal‘s reporting on Educational Policy or a rape in a city park.