It is getting a lot of play today, because of the governor’s state of the state address.

He said only 20% or Delaware’s students were graduating  “College and Career Ready”!  The media jumped on that, since his last address announced “He, Jack, was going to be the education governor.”   After 6 years of leadership. with 80% not college or career ready,…. he’s failed.   Sort of on the scale as the Cleveland Browns this year….

The question is not whether he is right.. or wrong.  The question in today’s world, is ….. does it matter?  After all the College and Career Ready slogan is just another way to say… “1550 on the SAT..

Therefore using the Substitution Principle, what Governor Markell really said was this:  Only 20% of our kids score over 1550 on their SAT before they graduate from high school “

Now that we got emotions out of the way, we can concentrate on whether that is good, bad or ugly.  Is getting a score under 1550 something to be ashamed over…..

It appears that with three sections of the test amounting to 2400 points, at a score of 1550, one is 1550/2400ths or at the 65th of a percentage….That is a pretty lofty bar to reach… In fact in the real world, having 20% of graduating students get into the top 35% of all students going to college, is rather good…It is rather bizarre to expect all ones graduates to achieve a mark of entering the stratosphere of the to 35% of college bound students….

This compares to our neighbor to the north, Pennsylvania, which hand statewide, only 10.6% of its schools averaging above 1550.

Nationally the SAT Board says, 43% of students score above 1550…. But a quick check among the SAT’s own data, quickly shows that Delaware is one of the few states testing all its children.  Obviously a state which tests all children will score lower than a state in which only those wishing to go to colleges or universities get tested….. Meaning until all USA students take the SATs, any comparison is statistically meaningless.

So, does testing all our students and coming in at 20%, equal testing all another’s best students and coming in at 43%?  Why yes, it does.

In finality, what was good for us back when we were coming along, is still good for kids today.  Nothing has changed, except someone picked a number to compare… I doubt that the most successful of todays society, could have beaten the 1550 SAT guideline with which we are using to create turmoil in education that is completely unnecessary…..