Jacques told us on Delaware Liberal that this bill was necessary because it made changes that if they didn’t get passed, would open the door for chaos.

Kilroy has a piece where he takes out David Sokola for thumping his breast full heartedly in support of this school; meanwhile the review board nixes the application…. That is an important story.  The education Senator (as paralleled to the education Governor) supports a Charter School simply because it is a Charter School, even though it would completely destroy the mind of any student who attended!

But that is not what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about this….   how well the current board review process worked, just as was specified in the bill (HB165) that hasn’t been passed yet….

This is important because Jacques is pushing this bill as the only way Charter Schools can be evaluated before they get built and later fail…  That assertion is not true because the Charter Accountability Committee did what it was supposed to, and determined that the Pike Creek Charter School, was not set up well enough to be given a charter… If you didn’t click it above, again here is their full report…

If you read through, you can see where the Charter applicant succeeded, and where it failed… Obvious to the reader was the fact that those attempting to create the school, were in far over their heads… This school would have collapsed rather ugly if it had gone forward as Jacques implies would happen if HB 165 is not passed immediately.

In previous posts I have illuminated the changes he has put into his bill. And to be open and honest, when I first read the bill I felt it had valuable items that needed to go forward. I felt that without some type of structure, new Pencader-type failures would occur….

But no. Pike Creek Charter School was not approved and it was done without this bill. So why do we need this bill?

Here is why this bill is currently in the JFC now with only 10 legislative days left till end of session.

These two insertions, covered up with reams of accountability crap that Pike Creek Charter’s dismissal proves is not even needed. These bills are up only because of these two lines….

(II) Minor capital improvements shall be funded in the same manner as the Vocational Technical School Districts.

(l) Charter schools shall have the same access to conduit bond financing as any other non-profit organization, and no State or local government unit may impose any condition or restriction on a charter school’s approval solely because the applicant is a public charter school. It is the further intent that a charter school shall apply for conduit funding to issuers within the State of Delaware unless more favorable terms may be found elsewhere.

(m) The Department of Education shall administer a performance fund for charter schools, to be known as the “Charter School Performance Fund”. The Department of Education shall establish threshold eligibility requirements for applicants desiring to apply for funding, which shall include but not be limited to a proven track record of success, as measured by a Performance Framework established by the charter school’s authorizer or comparable measures as defined by the Department. The Department of Education shall also establish criteria to evaluate applications for funding, which shall include but not be limited to the availability of supplemental funding from non-State sources at a ratio to be determined by the Department. The Department of Education shall prioritize those applications from applicants that have (a) developed high-quality plans for start-up or expansion or (b) serve high-need students, as defined by the Department. The fund shall be subject to appropriation and shall not exceed $5 million annually.

This is why the bill is up for a vote.  Charter Schools want to be able to get state financing…

That is not what a  charter school is!  A charter school is a private school, not a public one.  Most charter schools are owned by corporations, many of  them huge, with multiple units in multiple states.  The money they make is astronomical…  A charter school is a business that gets its money by educating public school children, and the state sends the money it would normally send to a public school, to the charter instead.

Now, Charters want the state to build their schools, do all the repairs, trim the shrubberies, pay for school lunches, just as they do for public schools.  But public schools are not a private business.  Public schools are assets owned by the people of that school district.  Public schools are the property of  We, the People….  For private schools to take our money, our resources, our taxes, and teach at the barest minimum, possibly a 1000 students to a room in order to make as much money as they can….  is immoral.

Especially considering that money comes not out a the General Fund.  That money comes from all the public schools surrounding that Charter…

This is a gimme… This is a reward for friendship. for loyalty, for political correctness (supporting Markell in 2008 and 2012)….  this is to help the pocket books of those investors who are not making the big dough they foresaw when they signed on to invest in these schools…” Build our buildings for us, repair our roofs for us, feed our kids for us; we aren’t making enough money.. Boo hoo.”

That is why this bill surfaced in the dead of night.  That is why this bill is only now, being heard with less than 10 days before it goes into effect.  That is why our newspapers are so full of patsy pro charter scribblings that do little more than say kids need to learn…  That is even why Jacques is responding to Delaware Liberal..(what, says Jacques to his handler, who are they?)

It’s about the money.  It has always been about the money.  It always will be about the money….

As Kilroy was so grateful to bring to light,  the entire rest of HB 165 is absolutely irrelevant.  Things work as they should, …. even without HB 165….