Charter schools moved into Philadelphia and siphoned money from public schools.  The public schools now suffer a $218 million dollar deficit, because the idiots up there allowed charter schools to move in and take funding away from public schools.  In both schools where children died from asthma attacks, there was no nurse on duty.  Had a nurse be on duty, because the school did indeed have funds, that were there only because charters had been outlawed as illegal…….

Those children would be alive today…..

If we are to have charter schools continue in Delaware, they need to be funded as are vocational schools; with a line item in the state budget.  Not by taking money away from public schools….

It is foolish to raise public school’s budgets, and allow charter schools to take whatever excess is granted….. If we need nurses, raise the budgeted amounts…. Just keep those dollars in public schools and don’t let charter schools steal it to pay their exorbitant rents to their landlords…..

Remember…. Charter Schools killed two students in Philadelphia……