I feel sorry for our legislators. Sitting in that big building, knowing that their constituents will be full of questions. And all they have to read up on, is the impossible garbled gobbledygook full of contorted language, supplied to them by the lobbyists of Delmarva Power.

So I thought to myself: why not offer them an alternative? One so easy to read, that one could even delegate their kids to read and report back around the dinner table, of all of this subjects pros and cons………An account of all that has transpired, that was perhaps fun to read, and did not have an agenda, as did those writings provided by Delmarva.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our legislators had ALL the facts placed in front of them for a change?

And so here, for the first time ever, is a compilation of everything I have written about wind……

Of course, if you are not a legislator, you are certainly welcome to browse this catalog anytime you feel like having a couple of questions answered.

I thought I would organize it in chronological order, since most of you reading today are familiar with the most recent posts, but many of you weren’t around to read the earlier ones.

Why Couldn’t It Be Us

The Saudi Arabia of Wind

All We Are Is Dust In The Wind

Part II

Part III

Citizen Participation Requested


Even more $$$$$$$$$

Last Chance to Do Good

A Giant Battle for a Little Wind

Another Squawk

The Politics of Putting Wind In A Bag

What is a Sustainable Energy Utility?

A Wind Party

Delmarva Deliberately Decides to “Dis” Delaware’s Desire for Downright Dependable Deal

Taming Delmarva with Wind

Delmarva Twists and Spins

Delmarva: The New King In Town?

The Case For Big Wind

A Test in Human Psychology

“Start Me Up!”…..”Start Me Up!”

Frank and Open Discussion

What We Need Is A State Power Authority

Can You Hear the Wind Blow?

Does Delmarva Present An Undisclosed Financial Risk to Investors?

Delmarva Just Doesn’t “Get It”

Five “Easy” Pieces

Ok, So What’s This New Deal About Wind?

Poised to Destroy Delaware


Say It Isn’t So?

Copeland’s Strategy

A Comparitive Look At Electric Prices

To Regulate, Or Not To Regulate; That is the Question

With Wind,… A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

Haiku Moment (5-7-5)

the kavips Compromise

More on the kavips Compromise

PSC Indirectly Hints It May Back the kavips Compromise

Bluewater Makes First Move Towards “The kavips Compromise”

Faux Paux by Two of Delaware’s Top Democrats

“Well Who Are You? (Who Are You? Who, Who, Who, Who?)”–The Who

Open Letter in Support of Wind

World Wide Report Shows Danger in Not Supporting Wind

Once Again Stockbridge Proves He Has No Clue

Delmarva Talks “Mumbo Jumbo”: Delaware Get’s Screwed Financially

“Play That Funky Music…..”

Wind Told “Straight”

Heroes: Those Who Fight When All Others Lose Hope

Parental Responsibility

I Can See Clearly Now…….

Rebuttal to Gary Stockbridge

Dying Words

With A Name Like Bernadette You Would Expect…..?

Wind, Still Breathing………..

A Quite Appropriate Name

We Are Not Defeated: We Just Have More Work To Do

Time Keeps On Ticking (Ticking)….Into the Future…

Dear John

So What’s It Say? Live Blogging Through the Proposed Purchase Power Agreement

“I Object, Your Honor!” Says Delmarva

A Rather Odd Letter from Delmarva

Cost Escalators

Blow Wind, Blow

Open Letter to PSC

…Apparently Because Members of the General Assembly….

WTF Is A Controller General?

They Broke The Law

The Cataclysmic Cost of Rising Seas

Who’s In Charge?

Ever Wonder What’s Inside a Wind Turbine?

New Jobs? How Many?

Why Not Go Big?

Important Meeting At 6:30 Tonight in Dover

BREAKING: NFL Commissioners Annul SuperBowl Results Pending Further Study

The “Other” Resolution

So What’s It Mean?

Is the News Journal Prejudiced? Absolutely.

Oops! Slipped Through Our Fingers…..

Cool Hand Luke

Joke: Overheard

Delmarva’s Attempt at a Joke

Comment Rescue:

Time for War

Life Imitates Art

A Plea From “One of Dem Rangers”

An Interesting Exchange

Gary Stockbridge Gets Some “Air” Time….

Satire or Truth?: Please Judge Ms. Pamela Thornburg

Cancer: It’s a Gas

Land Based Wind Takes a Giant Step

REply to Michael T. Hogan

Delmarva Rushes The Gate

Fresh Air

My Ying-ling! My Ying-ling! Won’t You Play With My Ying-ling

Some Big Thoughts Generated by a Small Statement

Be It Resolved…..

Why Not Pass This One While We Are At It?

OK, Now I’m Pissed

Rebuttal to (Faux) Senate Report Condemning Wind


What’s Up With Bob Marshall’s Vote?

I’m Up for Suing For 1.6 Billion

Tightening The Noose

Hey You! Yes You! Pick Up That Phone!

End Run!!

McDowell and the Soviet Union

4 Quick Lies in McDowell’s Senate Report Regarding Bluewater Wind

Delmarva Refuses To Be A Good Neighbor


Subtle Reminder

McDowell Speaks for All Delawareans

Dear Delaware Office of Public Integrity:

Here’s How to Reign In Harris McDowell

Why No Lawsuit By Delmarva Shall Be Fruitful

Delmarva Raises Rates Again?

To Confused Legislators: It’s Really Quite Simple

A Befuddled McDowell

Attention Delmarva Customers

The Arrogance of One Harris McDowell

Delaware’s Citizens Have A Clue; Even If Their Senate Doesn’t

50 Million A Year? (Play Laughtrack Here)

Copeland IS Linked to Killing Bluewater Wind

Delmarva Has Decided…..

People or Corporations?


History Lesson: How Power Companies Work

kavips “Takes the Day Off”

“The Best They Have To Offer”

Why Wind?

Transmission: It’s A Live Wire

Rising Stock

To Those Who Killed Wind

Still A Skeptic?

Writing On The Wall

Pants On Fire

Stockbridge: “Let’s Get Power From Indiana”

The Math

The Psychology Behind Sen. Bob Marshall


Carbon Caps will Drop Our Rates!…..Eventually…..

Delmarva Power Signs Land Deal Today

Another Reason Bluewater Is The Best Option

The Song That Never Ends……

Big Environmental Problems With Delmarva’s Choice

Need A Fact Sheet for Bluewater Wind?

Delmarva Plays Senate Like a “Chump”

Invitation to John Kowalko

We Bloggers Dropped The Ball

Under Pressure

For Example: Today’s Stats….

Deliberative Process And Delaware Law

It’s Time to Scream, Holler, Shout, and Rent Your Cloathes

The Secret Weekend Negotiations for Delaware’s Wind Power…..

Qualms Over Negotiations

Delaware Senate Demands Release of HCR 38 Today!

Thank You Newark (Home of Tony DeLuca)

Ha! We’ve Been Here Before!

What We Know of “The Deal”

On The Books

Windpower For Dummies (Chapter 1)

Windpower for Dummies: Chapter 2

Windpower for Dummies: Chapter 3

Windpower for Dummies: Chapter 4

Windpower for Dummies: Chapter 5

Windpower for Dummies: Chapter 6

Windpower for Dummies: Chapter 7

Windpower for Dummies: Chapter 8

[…] Liaodong Bay in China. The Cape Wind towers will be nowhere near this close together This image by Kavips. Click on image to open in a larger […]

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