There is nothing better for the environment of an ocean floor, than a large number of wind tower platforms to attract lifeforms living under water. Offshore Delaware would become the sport fishing capital on the East Coast….

But there are environmental problem associated with Gary Stockbridge’s choice of land based energy. As I mentioned yesterday, Delmarva announced they would sign a deal with the Annapolis based company Synergics….

Whereas Delawareans flooded each of the Public Service Commission’s hearings to voice their support for offshore wind, over 700 of our neighbors in Garrett County Maryland, drove 200 miles to Annapolis to voice their opposition to their proposed wind farm, with whom Gary wants to sign the deal…. Indeed, only one hippie from Pennsylvania turned out to be the sole person speaking in favor of the project.

The proposed wind farm, would sit on 400 acres of currently undeveloped wilderness. This wind farm in question, surrounding Savage River State Park, would be built in a world renown unique environment. Situated at elevations nearing 4000 feet, this area has the flora and fauna of Canada’s Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, some thousand miles distant to the northeast…..A spot of Canadian wilderness, full of unique plants and wildlife, can nowhere else be found as far south as the latitude of Washington DC….

Savage River from Allegheny Bridge

Building a wind farm there, would be the equivalent of cutting large swaths through Yellowstone National Park…..At public hearings held in McHenry, Maryland, ” it was clear there was tremendous opposition to the wind turbines.” offered their County Commissioner, Lamont Pagenhardt.

Back in April Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley at the Savage River scenic overlook, announced Maryland would not approve the use of public state land for wind turbines.However he did not rule out Federal, County, or private lands.

But there in Garrett County is local concern that not only animals will be displaced and have their habitats destroyed. Voting citizens may be evicted through the invocation of eminent domain……

“As you know, courts have always recognized that governments can make laws to protect their citizens from potential danger and catastrophe, yet Commissioners Gregg, Glotfelty, and Holliday have shirked and willfully neglected their sworn responsibility to do the right thing by providing necessary safeguards. It is difficult for me to understand how hours of discussion can be spent on the size of signs and the square footage of kitchens, while silence abounds on this issue.”

Can you imagine Delmarva complicit in the exercise of eminent domain? There would be no such problems with Bluewater Wind…..

Back in Delaware we are about to vote on approving Bluewater Wind’s proposal. Yesterday we proved that Delmarva’s new onshore wind plan was too costly because it supplied only 100 MW of energy which would do little to drop our total price as the price of coal, gas, and oil all soared sky high…..

Now today we discover that instead of helping the environment as would Bluewater Wind, Delmarva’s choice of an alternative, has grave environmental concerns which once done, could never again be rectified………..