There was no mention of the Bluewater Deal in the National News today, except as the high point in USA Today’s feature, where each state is profiled by a small blurb. Delaware’s read like this………

Dover – State officials again postponed a final decision on whether the nation’s first offshore wind farm should be built off Delaware’s coast. The plan was tabled apparently because members of the General Assembly are split on the issue.

The plan was tabled apparently because members of the General Assembly are split on the issue.

On this day, this….is how we are represented across the nation….It makes little sense to compare this to the headline that would have screamed around the world…”Delaware Approves First Offshore Wind Farm”….What does makes sense is to focus on just how those obstacles (Human) can be overcome…..

In case there is some confusion, the deal breaker was Russ Larson who represented the General Assembly. He has forever locked his reputation in history as the poor sop who caved into the Persians and led them across a secret path to surround the Spartans and end Western Civilization as we know it……

Like that poor sop, he probably meant well….and like that poor sop, he will be forever remembered by it…….

Of course focusing on that poor sop, distracts one from the real enemy, which in this case is a relatively small number of legislators, led by Charlie Copeland (R) and Harris McDowell (D). These two are intricately compromised by Delmarva Power…

Charlie Copeland Laughing At the Stupidity of  Delaware VotersMcDowell Smuggly Shickering at Hoodwinking Delaware
Courtesy of Stupid Is/Stupid Does Productions

Both of these legislators would like to keep their seats this November, and turning 94% of Delawareans against each of them, should be an easy endeavor…..

It starts here…Each person in that district needs to understand exactly how much damage their legislator has done to this state….(That damage has been expressed by all of you far more eloquently than by anything I have ever said). But as each of those registered voters, who probably has not paid much attention during the entire process, comes to understand that their legislator has doomed them to another 60 % electric shock, I am sure they too will become as outraged as the rest of us…… The facts are on our side.

Voters only need to understand exactly what these two legislators have done… is really that simple…..

That… is what we have to do…..and the sooner we act, the sooner the permit process can begin………