Liberalgeek is throwing a party, a wind party. It is a must- read for anyone who knows deep down in their chromosomes that Delaware has to go down this future path if it wishes to survive.

Hyperbole aside, yeah we will still be around like withered figs, but as a viable state, we will not grow new jobs. Instead, our legislature will concern itself with how to survive on less and less, while our neighboring states around us, steal what should have been our opportunity and subsequently, the economic vitality that goes with it.

Ladies and Gentlemen: This decision is the BIG ONE.

You know THAT decision….. that comes around every twenty years or so. The last “Big” decision occurred in the early eighties, with the changing of Financial Center Development Act that flip-flopped us into a banker friendly state. The ” big” one before that, was the Delaware Coastal Zoning act, attributed to former governor Russel Petersen, that has kept Delaware beautiful and not looking like the shores of Brooklyn.

This trend, that of finding a gem every twenty years or so within the Diamond state, goes back to our state being the first to ratify the Constitution.

As outlined here, you can write some letters. You can also write some friends and ask them to write letters.

So how do you write a letter to a legislator or governor?

Here are some inside tips on how to get noticed………….

Don’t try to sound high minded. Be yourself. Write like you talk. Government officials spend lots of time with sycophants trying to impress them. Sometime they want to hear from someone real.

Keep it short: try to say what you want in five lines.

Don’t resort to slogans: “Wind power is great! Hooray! Boo to Coal!.” Politicians see so much of that crap, (bloggers too) that they are not only are immune, but also prone to consider the slogan’s author too stupid and too shallow to be taken seriously.

Make it personal. Before you write, think about why you, personally, believe in wind. Then say it.

So here is an example.

To The Honorable Dori Connor Senator 12th District

Dear Ms Conner:

I work forty hours a week as a Pipe welder. I want you to support Blue Water Wind’s proposal. Clean healthy air is very important to me. I have respiratory problems when Delaware City smoke settles over my house. Wind is free , but the price of coal will triple over the next ten years, and I cannot even afford to pay my utility costs now.

Again, please help us and support Blue Water Wind’s proposal.



Open, Honest, Personal, Brief, Effective.

Is it worth the time or effort, will your letter make the slightest iota of a difference?

Well if you look at local election results, you can see that in close races, often a couple hundred votes determine who wins. In primaries, the margins of victory are even tighter. So,………. yeah, your letter makes a difference!