There are few among you who do not know the tale of Gollum. It is, after all, the greatest selling movie trilogy of all time. What intrigues me in that tale is that throughout the three films, we see in Gollum, as an enemy of the protagonist. But in the end, as the film plays out, when the protagonist himself succumbs to the ring’s influence, the freak we despised, winds up saving his world, even if for selfish reasons.

Had we gotten what we wished throughout the tale, for the freak to die in order that the protagonist could be free to carry on his quest……….had that really come about as we had wished…in the end, .instead of the world bouncing back from a close call, we would be crying our eyes out over a traitorous ending.

The same can be said with Harris McDowell as he put the hearings against wind power to bed last Friday. Vilified across the entire state by his treatment of Arnette McRae on Wednesday, he tried the same with spokesperson Hunter Armistead, who runs the North American Energy Development Group for Babcock & Brown.

Again the use his nasgul agent Randall Speck was intended to pick apart the Bluewater Proposal in order to show the faults behind its reasoning.

Instead, just as Gollum saved the Middle Earth from evil Sauron’s control, his equivalent on this planet wound up saving the very wind project he was trying to kill…….

By pushing too hard, Speck caused Armistead to drop the ring of Delmarva’s power, through the cracks in the General Assembly’s floor, into the unattainable depths of Mt Doom.

Friday’s invitees were better prepared to deal with the lines of questioning presented to them. Having been forewarned on Wednesday, they did not have to ponder each question prefaced with the thought of “is this bizarre action really happening to me?” Prepared for the unbelievable, they offered cold facts against hot suppositions.

The questioning came to a head, as the Nasgul king, questioned Armistead as to why it was NOT true that wind power from out West was more beneficial to Delawareans than a local renewable source of energy. Armistead replied.

“The only true way to reduce emissions in the area is to actually inject renewables into the area,”

Will wind power out West have any impact on Delaware at all?

No. NRG, Connectiv, Premcor will continue to pump as much pollution as they always have, with only additionally needed supplemental energy being supplied from the Grid……..

No…..The only way to stop and diminish local pollution, is to supply the local need first with a renewable such as wind power, and let the the agents of Mordor, belch their black smoke only when the outside grid needs supplemental extra power……..

When Delmarva tried to counter that argument, they tripped up “real bad”….. They argued that Bluewater Wind would first supply Illinois with green power, before suppling Delaware. The audience gasped and turned to each other in amazement. Were they watching the actual disintegration of Delmarva’s argument? Had Delmarva strayed to far and gone far beyond even the willing suspension of disbelief?

Fact is, they have done so ever since Delmarva said Bluewater Wind was too costly for its consumers……..and then turned around and charged us a much higher rate for our electricity than what Bluewater Wind would have guaranteed over twenty five years. But that previous mis truth was not clear to many. But the over stretched argument saying that renewable power from Illinois was far less polluting for Delaware’s skies than creating most of our own power needs from a home grown wind farm, proved that not all the screws in Delmarva’s had been tightened sufficiently.

In an effort to kill the wind farm deal they stretched too far, and like Britney Spears getting out of a car, the world got a shot at what little they have to offer. It wasn’t much.

Not knowing of the battle going down in a hearing room hundreds of miles away, a PJM person, dealing directly with the transmission of power across the grid, said in effect……..’oh no that it not true……..when the transmission lines on the peninsula are congested, wind power would displace traditional, high-cost sources of electricity nearby. (Note to all: the Delmarva peninsula’s transmission lines are heavily congested).

In fact as soon as the Bluewater deal is finalized, we need to move forward with the building of new transmission lines so that excessive energy on good-wind days, CAN offset the carbon being burned in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Illinois. Then tiny Delaware can truly impact the planet on a global scale.

But above all in this epic conversation taking place beneath the General Assembly, the truth finally came out in front of witnesses, as to why Delmarva is trying real hard to kill Bluewater Wind……..It is not new; we have said it many times. But allowing the witness to make public these remarks on the record, was a true tactical error on the part of Speck:

Armistead elaborated:

..he wondered why the utility was resisting, and said he believed it was because the wind farm would take away business from Delmarva’s sister company, Conectiv.

Pepco wants to sell Connectiv. A wind farm in southern Delaware belting out multi MW’s with no pollution, would tend to drive down the price of any local carbon fueled power source being put upon the auction bloc. How can you make money with a gas plant with a future costing of 20 cents per MW, when Bluewater Wind can belt it out sometimes at a cost of 2.3 cents per megawatt?

That is Delmarva’s problem….Our problem is paying the %^#%$ electric bill….

And I think our past enemy, by trying too hard, has slipped and proved to all, that Bluewater Wind is a real good thing to bring to all of Delaware. As Armistead spoke those last words, astute members in the audience could feel the rumblings beneath the caverns of Mt Doom, and the tall, black tower that has cast its fiery lies over the first district of Wilmington/Claymont for such a long time,………….began crumbling at its foundations, sliding slowly towards its impending collapse.

And minions everywhere….suddenly awoke… if under a long, peaceful slumber………

“Like many others following this, we get the impression Sen. McDowell is not a big supporter and is trying to find a way to put the whole idea behind him and his fellow lawmakers. But that’s speculation.

This time, though, not everyone in the Senate went along with Sen. McDowell’s somewhat strange behavior. Sen. Karen Peterson, D-Stanton, and a member of the Energy Committee, called the latest series of McDowell hearings a sham and an attempt to mislead the public.

Calling in an outside attorney — apparently to the tune of $35,000 — to “grill” the gubernatorially appointed Public Service Commission is bizarre at best and underhanded at worst.

Sen. McDowell is a noted champion of electric deregulation — which led to $60 a month electric increases
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