The blogosphere seems to have no mention of John Kowalko’s discussion with Loudell around 4:20 yesterday afternoon.

Apparently Delmarva sent threatening letters to John and copied them to all of the General Assembly and Minner too.

According to John, the letter is not a “real” threat, but is sort of a ……..”stupid” threat…….Basically it says he fails to consider the impact that Bluewater Wind will have on Delmarva employees (WTF!) and that there are 2900 such employees in this state, including 50 in his district……

Now this letter is SO STUPID, that to be honest, I am having trouble believing it is true…….No one, not even Gary Stockbridge, is that dumb. He can’t be. It is humanly impossible. For if it is true, are we to expect that our power needs are handled by guys like this? …Have they been zapped a few too many times?

If your are hearing this for the first time, here is the part that is SO STUPID. How will building a wind farm affect the jobs of Delmarva employees? The only change that comes from a wind farm is that Delmarva buys power from Bluewater Wind instead of paying more for power coming from some mercury belching coal plant owned by one of their cronies……Irregardless, they still need the same hard working employees to service the same Delawareans as they always have……”Oh…..there is nothing we can do about the tree falling and knocking out your power….You see, wind blew that tree down and Bluewater is in charge of wind……”

That implication is why I have difficulty believing this story…. John said the letter would be on his website; it isn’t yet…..No one else has spotted the letter….Dave, Dana, Nancy or Del Lib…….

Whether the letter is legit or not, it provides the best entertainment Delaware has been witness to in many lifetimes… Each time Delmarva Power tries to put their best face forward, they screw up even more…..I think it was Tommywonk who first made this connection…..but since he did, I just keep seeing more and more parallels between Delmarva & Co. and those veritable old rockers: Spinal Tap!

Will Gary Stockbridge and Company ever find the stairs that lead up to the stage?

I hope not. This is a hell of a lot better than the movie……….