Delaware has the chance to have the first offshore wind farm in the United States. That will be decided by our state Senate very soon.

There may be some who are unaware of what has happened since Bluewater first placed its bid back in December 2006. Wow, that long ago, and we are still arguing?

Blame Harris McDowell, Charlie Copeland, Tony DeLuca, and Thurman Adams.This could have been settled last December, back in 2007.

Quite often people act like they are the only people on the planet. This post is to illuminate how the rest of the planet has shifted, while McDowell holds us up in limbo land……..

For starters:

A Norwegian company plans to build wind turbines on floating turbines, meaning they can be stationed further off the coast in deeper waters. More about it here..

Here is an eight year visual presentation of how wind capacity has grown in the United States over the last 8 years…..

As I discovered below, the U.S. Department of Energy has said that 20% or our energy should come from wind by 2030. More about it here.

The Czech republic doubled its wind output during this years first quarter. More about it here.

Big China just signed a deal building a wind farm with 4000mw of capacity. More is here.

In Australia, rising oil prices are pushing those who can afford it, off the grid and into self sufficiency. More about it here.

Norway is planning on processing 20 terra watts of energy by 10 years. More about it here.

Jharkhand announced they were planning to install wind turbines to supply their areas electrical needs. More on that here.

Alberta expanded its already successful wind farm by an additional 66MW. More on that here.

The U.S. Department of Energy claimed wind has the potential to produce $80 billion in economic activity and 300,000 jobs for the Great Lakes region. More on that here.

The mighty Wall Street Journal itself ran an article showing that the alternatives to wind, coal in particular, would cost 131% more to build a new coal plant, than if it had been built in 2001. 131%! More on that here.
Also worthy of mention is that nuclear costs have nearly tripled in the same time frame, 8 years. For this reason alone, most utilities are not planning any new carbon or nuclear fuel generating facilities in the next 50 years.

And an item which should pique the interest of the Port of Wilmington, the Duluth Seaway Port, posted its most profitable year ever, because of demand for wind turbines and turbine parts. The full story here.

Rockport, Missouri became the first fully wind-powered town in the US. Press release is here..

Michigan’s first utility wind farm completed construction and went online, Details here….

One TV Show investor led off with this.
“Wind power is hands-down the best form of renewable energy”

Now that may seem like a lot, but here is the shocker…

All that was within this weekend’s news cycle……

So while our legislators quietly paint their faces with Maybelline, or drive two or three time around Legislative Hall to make their entrance, or pop a dram or two of Glenfiddich before going out on the floor,……the rest of the world is moving forward towards the best investment a public body can make.

We have lost considerable time. It is time for our Senate to vote, so if needed, we, the voters, can change the Senate next year should they fail….

Remember how each of us balked at the 59% rate increase in May 06? Imagine again if our electric bills, suddenly rose 67.3% as did our gas from last summer to this? A two hundred dollar utility bill will now cost you $334.

Only an offshore wind farm started immediately, can soften this blow to our pocketbooks……