Thanks to Nancy for putting this up…  She has the full thing on her site: The Delaware Way..

From some of Newark’s City Council comes this admonition to Delaware’s Senate to pass HCR 38 and have Russ Larson sign the original deal….

Some excerpts……

First, we strongly support Delaware making an investment in wind power. We hope the negotiations taking place between Bluewater Wind and Delmarva Power result in a power purchase agreement and urge the Senate to act on the House Resolution that would order Delmarva to sign the agreement with Bluewater Wind. Not only would this be the appropriate implementation of the process the legislature set forth last year, it also would be the right infrastructure choice both environmentally and economically.

I would like to point out their emphasis on the word “first”. Remember that there are a large number of issues that will affect the city of Newark and out of all those myriads of issues, the “first” and most important over all to Newark’s well being, is passage of the Bluewater Wind deal…. Obviously anyone responsible for paying for energy in the future, would be on pins and needles waiting for this Hail Mary pass of a deal to go through…


From peak oil to global warming, there are premiums being paid for fossil fuels that are not sustainable. The outcome of the Bluewater Wind negotiations has a direct impact on Newark’s ability to expand our renewable energy portfolio. Last year Newark joined with other municipalities to reach an agreement between DEMEC, our municipal electric cooperative, and Bluewater Wind, for the purchase of clean, cost-effective and reliable power. This agreement will only go into effect if Bluewater Wind and Delmarva Power first sign a long-term power purchase agreement that would bring Bluewater Wind to Delaware. Our municipalities have an opportunity to be the first in the nation to sign an offshore wind power agreement. We ask the State Senate to grant us that opportunity.

Again I would like to emphasize the point being made here…… This agreement will only go into effect if Bluewater Wind and Delmarva Power first sign a long-term power purchase agreement that would bring Bluewater Wind to Delaware The agreement is already signed …..But it can only go forward if Delmarva and Bluewater Wind settle. The stakes are too high to leave with just Delmarva. The Senate must act, if our municipalities will be able to keep their prices low enough for their constituents to afford….


Economically, our state is in transition. One of our efforts in Newark is to establish the area as a center of innovation and a premier destination for advanced research and high-tech 21st Century jobs. These jobs support multiple classes of workers and, most importantly, are sustainable in our ever-changing economy. Welcoming to our state a green, technology-driven industry such as Bluewater Wind will help to transform our economy into one that builds upon exploration, innovation and sustainability.

Newark is losing Chrysler. Not to do Bluewater Wind….. is really simply unthinkable, considering the reality that will occur if Bluewater does not move into fill some of the economic gap….

It is a very good letter and continues on about other points. Newark is very lucky to have the caliber of people it does in Paul J. Pomeroy, Newark City Council—District 1 and Ezra J. Temko
Newark City Council—District 5

Like you we share the hope that our Senators, including your resident Tony DeLuca, decide to put citizens like those of Newark as their top priority and not kowtow themselves for a sprinkling of campaign contributions