Tonight Delaware’s PSC will listen to the public one last time. Originally the last meeting was supposed to occur in insider safe Wilmington, where a large number of Delmarva Power supporters could comment and be seated.

Delmarva wants to buy energy on market, tack on their percentage, and pass both costs on to you.

But, by an event almost serendipity in its nature, the weather caused the last meeting to be held tonight. This does not bode well for the “powers that be”, for originally this meeting, which most would expect to be the most volatile of the three, was to be sandwiched between the two held in “more friendly” environments.

Sussex County is the host of two of the proposals: the NRG facility near Millsboro and the Blue Water Wind farm off the coast of Rehoboth and Bethany. Locally they have the most to say since both are slated to be built in their own back yard. Citizens of Sussex County will have to deal with any negative effects associated with either proposal.

The NRG crowd will pull from its current employees who no doubt see their own job stability in their support of coal, and will express support for the NRG coal gasification option.

The Blue Water supporters should include everyone else: including those who currenly breath Millsboro NRG’s pollution, those who want new jobs to come to their county, those who want to pay less for Delmarva’s power, and those who are concerned about the eradication of Delaware’s pristine coastlines by rising globally warmed seas.

If you can possible make it, even if you were present at one of the previous meetings, you need to go. The meeting is scheduled at tonight at 7:00 pm, in Georgetown, at the Del Tech Community College Jack F Owens campus theater.

The only official poll conducted on local energy choices, has shown that Wind Power has over 90 % of public support. This being the case, it would be a shame if those supporters failed to show up and did not add their support to the one plan that will benefit Delaware for a long period of time.

The Public may file written comments with the Public Service Commission up through Friday, March 23, 2007.