Delaware Wind can possibly Save our Troops
Should the unthinkable happen, and we find ourselves in another war, whether or not its commencement comes from a WWII or WWI scenario, we will still need energy to win it. And lots of it.

Most of our military data is satellite based with the servers here in the US at an undisclosed locations. Should our troops be fighting in a major engagement, those servers must stay running and on line. Imagine, being on the battlefield, facing incoming RPG’s and your information and communication systems do down and all screens go black………….fact was Aunt Mary Elizabeth, visiting relatives during the fair in Harrington, had just plugged her curling iron into the grid, and down the whole thing went……..

This is just one more reason why we need to get new energy sources on line, and wind is source with he fastest startup time.

We have covered the environmentally and cost effective benefits that wind provides. But now, with impending doom about to descend upon us, we need to create an energy source immediately.

Wind can start producing some electricity which can be added to the grid, the second the first offshore tower is completed. A coal gasification plant would have to wait until the entire structure was completed and inspected before beginning to create output.,…

Therefore even our National Security requires Delmarva power to stop dragging their feet and sign the contracts that get wind power started………Otherwise, there may not be an America to enjoy the clean cost of wind.

A deadline should be set soon: if Delmarva cannot come to an agreement within that time, the state through its PSC needs to step in and dictate the terms………

It could determine whether our troops live or die……..