Not much has been said about Tony DeLuca’s ridgewalking, where the slightest misstep will cause the loss of an entrenched majority leader.

His district is primarily working class, the very type of people wondering how on earth the will pay off their current electric bills, refinanced houses, insurance premiums, late credit card fees, and still have enough money left over….to feed their families..

His position, as power broker for special interests, goes in the opposite direction from what 90% of his constituents so desperately need. Firmly entrenched with the lobbying hopeful, he has delivered to his gaggle, time and time again…..

There has been some discussion among some members of ACORN, composed of some 3000 members, to target Deluca’s 11th Senatorial District, and canvas those neighborhoods and fan the flames of discontent. Most of those neighborhoods have not seen DeLuca since 1998 when he defeated Donna Stone by only 253 votes. Imagine opening your front door to someone in your position giving you the flat out truth about the Senator who helped put you there…. Several of ACORN’s charter members live within that district.

I have remarked on other pages, that it is only those legislators who think themselves invulnerable, ever support corporate interests within this state. Wayne Smith is a prime example. Now, Harris McDowell, Thurman Adams, and Charlie Copeland have too come to fit this profile….. On the other hand, those whose political fortunes can flip at any given moment, survive by keeping their ear to the ground and performing admirably, regardless of party line, such as one Dick Cathcart……

The problem with challenging DeLuca, Adams, and McDowell , stems not from a lack of anger towards the bureaucratization of their policies, but rather it comes from a lack of strong candidates within their respective districts, willing to take on first a well heeled incumbent within the Democratic party in a primary, and then…. throw themselves against the Republicans just two months later….. These areas supporting these incumbents, tend to be dominated by one party. So challenges coming from outside that party, would certainly have to overcome the natural constituent disdain of voting for one’s enemy……

But Bluewater Wind has changed things. Angry people are fed up with those willing to sell them to the highest bidder. Angry people are fed up with those who responsible for raising their electrical rates back in May 06 and now want to raise them even higher by voting against Bluewater Wind….. they are fired up enough to show their anger in the voting booth.

Interest has been expressed among several of DeLuca’s Democratic constituents to begin a campaign against the Senate Majority Leader…. Based on the street talk among their neighbors, defeating DeLuca is looking like a “slam dunk” of an opportunity…..

Obviously feeling the pressure, DeLuca is positioning himself to modify his constituents by coming out in favor of the Bluewater Wind deal…. The constituents want R – E – L – I – E – F . Anything perceived as not providing such, will do little to keep him in his seat….. Right now 300MW is the amount that will work for them… It will be enough to cover the minimum amount Delmarva needs to supply all its power…. The lowest point of demand in any report seen so far, was 293 MWh. That level needs to be covered by the wind farm agreement with Bluewater…. or at least close enough to be rounded up to that amount….(say 290MWH)

Were the amount only to turn out to be 250 MWh, as was the onshore proposal a very disappointing 100 MWh of mostly credits, then the impact of the achievement of signing Bluewater Wind will be mollified by its effect. We will get a showcase of windmills off Rehoboth, but will not get relief in our power bills to the extent we should have.

Delmarva is a controlled entity. They have used that relationship to their advantage for years now. It is time that we return the favor and collect our dues paid out to them over all these years…. Let us not forget that every time we pay our electric bills, we are doing them a huge favor based entirely upon the structure of their favored status…. Delawareans deserve cheaper energy. Bluewater will provide it. In fact the 300 MWh is already a compromised figure… To truly benefit Delaware it should be much larger…..

DeLuca must walk a fine line. Delmarva would be wise to understand that signing onto the 300MWh would be their cheapest option…. For if they don’t, there may be a new majority leader chomping at the bit to rectify their favored status, come next January……..