Here is a copy of the world’s energy outlook. Unfortunately I found it a little difficult to read…..but perhaps some of you more technically minded than I could make some sense out of it…..

I did gather that the world’s energy needs will grow 55% in 23 years, and that coal will soar 73% during the same time frame. (I see Tommywonk carried the same article) This is timely information since Delaware will choose in weeks, which direction we set foot, for the next twenty five years…….

The conservative tack, which is to keep doing the same thing we are doing today, is supported by Delmarva. As the above report states, this will have severe consequences in the future. Just today’s jump in crude oil shows us how volatile our future price of energy will be, if we keep doing what we have always done.

Wind can spare us from some of this future shock…Wind can act like a stabilizer as carbon prices take off like the Space Shuttle……Wind can give us energy in 2030 at a cheaper price even than we pay today……

Not to go with wind, to veto it outright, would make Delmarva quite happy and make future Delawareans quite miserable….

Just yesterday I saw positive results on a new 5.0 MW turbine tested in Germany. That would significantly drop the already low price of a 3.6 MW General Electric Turbine, which produces energy cheaper than V90 Vestus Turbine, the one Bluewater was originally planning to use.

As time goes by, the price of wind energy will drop.

Those states who are pioneers, will prosper. Those who miss the opportunity will buy energy from those who did not……

The “First State” is our motto. It would be a shame to let the selfish interests of Delmarva Power prevent us from living up to our expectations