Charlie Copeland and others say their beef about illegal immigrants is that they broke the law….They can be fine citizens, they can contribute to our economy, they can babysit our kids, serve our meals, landscape our lawns to perfection, but because they are here illegally,they broke the law and they should be deported.

To Charlie & Co., Delaware copies Mitt Romney and says: “Lighten Up, Slightly.”

If subscribing to the exact letter of the law is so important, why did you intentionally break the law in your directions to Russ Larson, when you ordered him to cast the vote against the cheapest form of electricity for all Delawareans, despite overwhelming public support for him to do so?

What you did, was a criminal act. It was, after all, against the law.

The law states that the future power generation facility must fulfill these criteria to go forward. It must be cheaper, environmentally friendly, and locally produced. This agreement was. Delmarva’s proposed course of action, will be three times more expensive, will kill us with carcinogens, and send our local money to wealthy people out of state. By interfering and not allowing the law of the General Assembly from being executed as was intended, you have unwittingly committed a criminal act. Solely through their interference, Delaware will not receive the benefits that were mandated by the General Assembly. Failure to follow any law, as Copeland frequently states, is a crime.

At least it was a more direct violation of the law than say what someone who has lived in this country 16 years as a model citizen has ever done.

If you are going to be picky, you should assume that the rest of will be as well: after all your decision will cost every electric payer in Delaware at least $200 a month, and as much as $500 a month in the worst case scenarios that now appear quite likely to happen. In other words, you were the hold up man for your boss Delmarva, stealing between $2400 and $6000 dollars a year from every Delaware Household.

Where I come from, when you hold someone up, it is a crime. Far more of a crime than trying to live your life as a good citizen when your government just won’t allow it…………

How do you expect to hold immigrants accountable, and not be held accountable for your actions?

Bottom line: your decision stole $2400 that could have been spent by Russ Larson’s parents on fixing their house, instead it will go to Delmarva. Your decision stole $2400 from Russ Larson’s own household income, money that could have been spent on his children’s education. It will now go to Delmarva. Your decision stole at least $2400 from Russ Larson’s future children’s income. At a time when they should be investing in their own future, they will be paying it to Delmarva. That is just an accounting of 3 people: $7200 a year for twenty five years, you stole. If you expand the pool to all of Delmarva’s residential payers, (263,418) at the minimum you are stealing on a yearly basis: $ 632, 203,200 or rounded down to 632 million dollars. Now if the price of gas rises (which it will) we can more reasonably expect to pay $ 1,317,090,000 a year over what we would have paid if Bluewater Wind had gone through as is currently on the table…..

Bottom line, Charlie Copeland’s decision, with help from Harris McDowell, will reallocate 1.3 Billion dollars a year from being spent in Delaware’s economy on things we want to buy: new cars, home improvements, new HDTV televisions; to instead being spent on our bills to Delmarva.

We don’t have to pay that much for energy! With Bluewater wind we will pay 1.3 Billion dollars a year less: PER YEAR!

The theft of 1.3 billion dollars a year should rank as the crime of the century. Because it is.

And it would not have happened if Charlie Copeland had not broken the law.