Gary will soon leak his plan to the four whoresmen he has put in charge of tabling Bluewater’s wind deal.

As you may remember, Indiana wind was trumpeted as playing a big part of that equation…One of the companies who solicited bids, which were picked up by Delmarva, is NIPSCO, which stands for Northern Indiana Public Service Company (their equivalent of Delmarva). The NIPSCO Industrial Group is made up of U.S. Steel Corp., Mittal Steel USA, Praxair Inc., Cargill Inc., and Beta Steel Corp. NIPSCO has announced that they will seek their windpower, not from Indiana, but from Iowa and North Dakota up to 500 miles away. (Don’t they use steel in transmission wires these days)

Because it is cheaper.

Apparently there are problems with Indiana wind, which have not yet come to light on the outside of the local inner power utility circles. Of course this outside bidding has raised the ire of the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, which needs NIPSCO’s buy in on locally produced windpower, in order to get the financial ball rolling in order to build the “anticipated” windpower facilities in the first place. (Stay tuned, they are rushing forward a BP Wind announcement later today.)

Ironically, this is bad news for Delmarva and good news for Bluewater Wind.

A Babcock and Brown executive , who testified before Karen Peterson’s Senate Energy and Transit committee, (yep, that is about it) called Delmarva’s onshore deal a buy of virtual wind. They couldn’t have been more correct. The wind farm does not even exist yet.

Since Delmarva has not been forthcoming with the facts, by default of their own inaction, I guess it is up to someone else to provide those facts to the public.

Bottom line, desperate to oppose Bluewater Wind’s offshore wind farm, we are being sold a bag of nothing “for cheap”.