Here are the results of the survey going on by the Delaware Energy Department.

As of the first 68 people who have taken it, it is amazing how high energy and environmental concerns rank on a majority of Delawarean’s agendas.

Meanwhile the Senate plays lip service, and keep its important bills in its drawer.

The Bluewater Wind legislation which will guarantee Delawareans some of the lowest rates in the nation by 2015, sits in the now-famous Desk Drawer.

Of course lip service will be paid to environmental concerns, but genuine action will not occur this term.

What is interesting about the Energy survey is that at this stage, the results are standard despite the age demographics and zip code locations…….

Everyone wants something done……except of course four guys in the State Senate……

All of Delaware can register this intense displeasure for those four, because one of them, is foolishly running for Lieutenant Governor….. Hopefully he can muster all of Delmarva Power’s votes, at least those lucky enough not to pay for their electricity…….otherwise he and his party will look pretty silly going against the trend of every other Delawarean……………………

Hey Charlie… are going the “wrong way“.