Right now, before the Senate, Senate Bill 228 has been amended, striking everything but this clause.




AMEND Senate Bill No. 228 by striking Sections 3 through 6 in their entirety.


This Amendment limits the scope of the Bill to clarifying (1) that the Contract Administrator is not required to be a non-profit entity, but (2) that the SEU is a non-profit entity.

It is worthy to note that the original bill would never have passed except for this clause stating that the Contract Administrator had to be a non-profit entity. If not, just imagine the pain caused if Delmarva Power were to be in charge of our green energy directives.

This bill needs killed.

Future energy credits are a commodity that belong to the people of a state and should never, ever be turned over to a for profit entity.

McDowell himself is in charge of a “for profit” entity called the Delaware Alternative Power Corp.

It has become obvious, that this amendment………is the sole reason Russ Larson was ordered to change his vote , and not vote his affirmation to the Agreement between Delmarva Power and Bluewater Wind.

This is it.

If you have not yet called………..

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