Why else would they not comment on the most glaring news that Delmarva recently announced their bid of electricity over the next three years was already higher than Bluewater Winds bid for the next twenty-five.

Exhibit A:
The average weighted price for this class (Delmarva) was $109.90/MWh, about 15% higher than bids last year.

Exhibit B:

The finalized PPA (of Bluewater) reduces the energy rate to $98.93/MWh (i.e. 9.893¢ per kWh).

Didn’t Yingling and Stockbridge both say that wind was too costly for Delawareans? Why then are they charging us more now, fully knowing that the price of fossil fuel will triple over the next twenty five years?.


Bluewater Wind’s proposal is already lower than what we pay today! How much lower will it be compared to what we pay twenty five years from now? Try 200 dollars a month or 2,400 dollars a year.


Delmarva……..Caught in a white lie, they are……