I do not have time to expand, but as the energy hearings begin today, just on economic terms, wind needs your overwhelming support.  Those making the decision, WANT to buy electricity at whatever is the market price and tack on their percentage and sell it to us.

Insider reports coming from the gas and coal companies are predicting rises up to 300 % in the next few years in both coal and natural gas.

Quiet speculation has begun to acquire the rights to what are  uneconomical locations, assuming the price is guaranteed to rise with increased demand.

For those who do not understand percentages, a three hundred percent rise is the same as three times whatever you pay now.

If you pay 100$ a month, it will be safe to assume that within the time span covered by this energy decision  you will pay 300$ each month.  If your business is now paying Delmarva 9,000$, then expect to pay 27,000$ per month in the near future……….

Wind’s cost is constant, yet requires a large investment to get it up and running.  If we decide we like wind power, and expand, the cost will come down as more wind farms are built.

These decisions, are being conducted in secrecy.  The only opening given to the public to provide input, is three short 1 hour meetings ,  Those attending the meetings, will have massive amounts of information dumped on them during the meeting, and before they have a chance to digest any information and ask questions, it will be over.

The few who ask questions, will be limited to grandstanding with theories and no facts, thereby underlining their credibility.

Delaware, by the only scientific poll conducted on this matter, choose wind power over other options, BY A 90% MARGIN.

In typical fashion for this state, what seems to benefit the public, is passed over, shut out, for what benefits the few who spend timeless effort in coddling our legislators.

Only the visual manifestation of large amounts of Delaware citizens supporting the cheaper alternative wind, can cause the political element to pause, and rethink the political implications of their rush to benefit their friends and supporters.

The meetings are listed below in the post underneath.  This is one time where your participation can make a difference.  Without your numbers, Delaware will be duped again as we were with our last increase in energy costs.