The House voted 25 to 11 to order Russ Larson sign on to the agreement between Delmarva and Bluewater Wind.

In an effort to thwart that, Delmarva issued a surprise announcement that they had onshore wind bids which were much cheaper than Bluewater WInd…..

They would be made public by April,…

Then May…….

Then at the beginning of June.

Tuesday June 3 we have an announcement that one contract was signed….Of course details would be available later……

Now if you go to the website of Delmarva Power, there is a link that says to see contract, click here…The link takes you to a site which says that by the end of June, the details will be available….

To those not privy to the General Assembly’s schedule. It ends June 30th….So if a vote doesn’t take place by June 30th, nothing happens for another year…..

String ’em along…..String ’em along…..String ’em along……

No doubt this was done on the inside advice of their cronies within the Senate leadership: Thurman Adams, Tony DeLuca, Charlie Copeland, and Harris McDowell, all of which have received honorable degrees in Delmarvaology.