How about if natural gas goes up  it will cost us 90 million a year (laugh)

How about if coal goes up, it will cost us 160 million a year. (laugh)

How about if we build a brand new nuclear plant at today’s prices, it will cost us an additional 180 million a year.  (These cost will incidentally will be borne by Delmarva’s SOS customers, who Delmarva seems to want to protect by ditching Bluewater WInd)  (Play laugh-track)

That is what Delmarva doesn’t say in their ads.

It will cost every Delawarean way too much money not to go with Bluewater Wind……

So the question is Delaware……

Would you rather pay 50 million or 180 million more a year? {laughtrack)

Bluewater wind is the cheapest form of energy we can get.  No wonder Delmarva is paying $132,000 for its ad campaign, if it can bamboozle you into coughing up an additional 130 million return on their investment……..(laughtrack)