No I don’t believe in calling someone out. Every person has a right and should be given a chance to say what needs be said. But occasionally I stumble across irrational blurbs that I assume are made for comic effect.

Many on the right have made fortunes by saying making up slogans and saying it on the air. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh are three that come to mind. So you can believe my laughter ( it was loud enough you may have actually heard it) when a comedian masquerading as a pundit, gave this enunciation.

The conversation was covering Bluewater Wind and how it provided electricty for twenty five years cheaper than what Delmarva had just paid for their three year buy…………..

Here is the joke:

The hard cold fact is that this is being driven by eco terrorist(s) and activist(s) who are only concerned with crippling capitalism and changing the way people look at government.

Of course we know it has to be a joke, because after the last 7 years of watching these people in action, there is no one left who is still that dumb.