Yesterday Harris McDowell, a Democrat tried to ram a piece of legislation through his committee which would give his committee, the SEU, 65% of all money coming from the sale of REC’s (Renewable Energy Credits). Just imagine…… hundreds of millions of dollars.

Currently McDowell is chairman of that committee. Currently that committee is functioning beyond its scheduled cut off time which was last January, 2008.

That means that 65% of that $100,000.000 dollars will go to a organization not sanctioned, nor legal, and is currently chaired by the same person ramming the piece of legislation though his Senate Energy and Transit Committee.

Members of the audience offered protest, and the bill was tabled. It will show up again if no one is watching……..

Can you imagine?

Sixty-five million dollars would have flowed right into Harris McDowell’s pocket, if citizens, just plain citizens, had not just happened to be watching the proceedings….and objected….

Ponder that.

Part II

This was posted on DelawareLiberal.Net on May 9th. It is lifted from an email sent to DelawareLiberal.Net. by Charlie Copeland……a Republican.

I was unaware of the expiration of the SEU oversight board.

And this was placed before the Senate Committee of Energy and Transit, yesterday, May 14th.

$ 65,000,000 in McDowell's Pocket

What’s important here are the deeds and the dates. Words don’t mean much to this candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Ponder that.