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Based on your past actions, it is probably superfluous of me to remind you that your loyalties lie with the bulk of citizens who expect you to choose the best option for our future energy development.

You have heard the same information we have, no doubt, as well as some we haven’t. I only urge you to account for that human tendency that occurs as one nears a deadline, of shrinking one’s universe down to a room sized level, and how options that may seem best in the give and take among personalities within a small conference room, do not reflect well outside those four walls.

Last spring, many of us went great lengths to tell you exactly how much we believed in wind, how it could save us from high prices, from environmental damage, and from many of our own medical nightmares…..That feeling has not changed. A large number of us still feel, that since we poured our hearts out to you before, we do not have to make the same concerted effort to do it again…..We trust by now, you know how we feel.

Bluewater has shown good faith in these negotiations. Their recent letter pulling all cost escalators off the table is a bold and sincere indication of how they will do business.

This contrasts greatly with Delmarva’s actions. The recent unsettling revelations over how Delmarva pretended to compromise, and then use an asterisk in the last hours of the last afternoon, to say it held no allegiance to any of the agreements previously made in good faith, is an even better indication of how they will do business.

Over my lifetime it has been my general human experience that people who use tricks, parliamentary motions, and intrigue, usually lack sincere interest in the common good. In fact, their attempts to obfuscate, divert, ignore, and intimidate, usually illustrate that they most desperately fear the common good and will use whatever weapons they have at their disposal, to prevent further actions from taking place in the public- goods’ behest…….

I have often noticed that those who are honest, open, and willing to investigate these type of impediments as a rare opportunity to improve and fine-tune their options, usually do have something that all will support, if the unadulterated information can “just get out there,” to the general public.

Just on this basis alone, one can present a strong case that you should consider moving forward with Bluewater’s proposal, and create adequate oversight and various monetary incentives (punitive damages) to insure that Delmarva complies with assisting Bluewater in achieving its goal in a timely fashion…..

However, other elements also support Bluewater Winds proposal. Electrical price stability will give Delaware an economic edge in attracting high tech businesses we desperately want. The same price stability will make living in Delaware much more favorable relative to living in one of our state’s neighbors, who themselves will be struggling to pay the future high cost of carbon. The decrease within our own air supply of SO2, CO2, NO and NO2, as well as trace amounts of mercury, cadmium, and strontium, and lead, should be something we should all be willing to pay more for, but in this case will receive as a bonus while paying even less..

As a citizen, and human being, I recognize that there are moral causes worthy of investment. One considers the savings spread over a long period, compared to the costs of doing nothing over that same time period…Today we have an option to invest in an energy plan, similar to a 401K, that will cost us money we would never see anyway. Just as a 401K’ money’s would go towards taxes if we failed to chose the option, money not spent on wind, would just go to pay the ever increasing costs of carbon. In the end, we would spend the same, and gain nothing.

As you approach the deadline, I entreat you to remember those of us on the outside of those four walls, who pray you will continue to stand up to Delmarva as you so far have, who pray you will choose the option that is right for us, and pray that you will not lose courage against those insincere characters sitting across your table, creating such a big stink within those four walls…….

Many hopes lie with you. May you continue to show the transparency, good judgment, and wide angled vision you have so graciously used in your past decisions.

For when it truly counts, we trust you will continue to show the moral courage sincerely hoped for by a tremendously large percentage of Delaware’s public, who support Bluewater’s open and transparent proposal, against the way things have always been done in the past……..


One citizen