I have often been amazed at how quick people will accept the sky is falling. While sounds of doom resonated from the News Journal, WDEL, ( and I missed WGMD) this morning, about how the “Senate Report would ” DOOM” the Bluewater Wind Deal”,……. any investigation into the sources, proved that like “Henny Penny”, it was only an acorn falling from a tree, and not the collapse of the entire atmosphere.

I chuckled as Tommywonk religiously kept his optimism and answered Loudell’s queries one question at a time. That was exactly the right approach that these times required…..

I am extremely anxious to see the top secret draft compiled by the first Senatorial district’s Alice in Wonderland”s Queen of Hearts. I can’t wait to start tearing it apart, exposing the half truths and shoddy logic holding it together. How do we know? We all saw Speck’s interrogation of Arnetta McRae, and the floozy evidence they tried to spring upon her. Later we debated one of the Queen’s court hired guards (the Joker”) on several of our blogs, and discovered basic concepts were being misinterpreted at best. But bottom line……having studied this issue for some time now, if you tried to tell me that people were descended directly from rock fish, you would be arguing from a better grasp of reality than some others arguing against an offshore wind farm off the coast of our fair state. The facts are just overwhelmingly in favor of building an offshore wind park in Delaware……It is just so damn obvious.

So obvious that 94% of Delawareans support Bluewater Winds proposal. And they have been bending their legislator’s ears enough, so that unless a politician felt totally secure in his seat…..he voted today in the House, to approve of having Russ Larson vote for Bluewater Wind.

The score? 25 For Bluewater 11 For Delmarva 3 Henny Penny’s: Too Chicken

Obviously everyone wants to know who in the f— was stupid enough to side with Delmarva? Any of these yours?

Knucklehead Booth (R) “Hairy” Carey (R) “Stewing”Ewing (R)

Stalker” Hocker (R) “”Benedict” Hudson (R) “Gotta Pee” Lee (R)

Im On Fire” Maier (R) “Dan- it I’m” Short (R) “Forgive Me I’m” Stone(d) (R)

“Blackberry” Thornburg (R) “Balls To The” Walls (D?)

Overwhelmingly Republicans Support Delmarva Power. Unfortunately for their party, they are almost exclusively the only ones still supporting Delmarva Power………But what on earth was “Balls To The” thinking…….Has he forgotten what happened to Democrat Bullock in the 41st after he opened his mouth against the Wind Farm? Hastings hasn’t. He voted yes. (By the way, “Well done, Dave”, you backed a good one)

Hats off to Blakely, Cathcart, Lavelle, Lofink, Manolakos, Miro, Oberle, Valihura, and Spence for thinking of the high bills being paid by individual Delawareans, and not being more interested in protecting Delmarva’s profits.

Of course this resolution could still lose a vote in the Senate, this time at the hands of the “Incumbant Party”, but then, Thurman Adams could fall asleep and not wake up before that bill arrives on his desk. Irregardless, by next year, Delawareans could have enough new blood in the Senate, to marginalize him out of the way. Especially if they ask each candidate, ” Do you promise, if elected, NOT to vote for Adams as Pro Tempore?”

But what I discovered that was most interesting, was that Russ Larson could on his own, now that a resolution has been passed that overwhelmingly shows Delaware sufficiently backs Bluewater Wind. finally cast his vote with the others. He is under no obligation to serve only the Senate leadership. After all, the House is part of the General Assembly too. He can, should he so choose, cast his vote as he originally wanted to do, in favor of this agreement previously ironed out by Hammermesh last November and early December, signed by Delmarva and Bluewater Wind.

Just for you doubting Thomases……from Delaware Code 1101………

(c) The Controller General has the authority to perform management and program reviews. Management and program reviews shall include, but are not limited to, any analyses necessary to determine operational efficiency and effectiveness, compliance with the laws of Delaware and legislative intent.

The “program review” has been done. Bluewater Wind, out of all three proposals, best conforms to HB 06. Three out of four of those casting their vote, enthusiastically agreed with that assessment as of December 18th. The fourth agreed personally, but was under orders to scuttle the deal over a question of legislative intent… Well, ladies and gentlemen! We now, as of yesterday, have the unequivocal evidence required to prove just what was the legislature’s intent. Therefore he is free to vote under Delaware Code 1101.

And finally…. the Controller by Delaware Code 1101 is required to:

(4) Perform such duties as may be assigned or delegated to the Controller General by the Legislative Council.

Let’s assume he is to do the bidding of the Legislative Council.  Currently the Committee stacks up as such.

For Delmarva Power …

“Deskdrawer” Adams……Tony DeLuca……Charlie Copeland ……Bill Lee ……

For the Average Delawarean

Terry Spence……Robert Gilligan……Helene Keeley…… Dick Cathcart……. Patty Blevins……Liane Sorenson

So if even if one takes the vote of the Legislative Committee as a whole, bending backwards to assume the Controller works only for the priveleged few upon the council, and not for the entire House of Delegates, considering a majority of that very commmittee now supports Bluewater Wind by a 60% majority, Russ Larson, under Delaware Code 1101: IS free to vote his conscience, and cast his vote tomorrow, if need be…………………..